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How To Successfully Move In With Your Romantic Partner

I’m a strong believer that living with your partner can make or break your relationship and is a very vital step before moving forward in other ways. My fiancé and I have now lived together for the past two and a half years and it taught us a lot about each other and made us stronger. I’ve also heard horror stories of couples living together who came to realize that they were not meant to be. So, if you’re thinking about taking this big step with your loved one, I have some moving in together advice for you!


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This one might be obvious but it is the most important part of living together. If your partner does something that gets on your nerves, it needs to be addressed! If you have a tendency of putting things away and tidying up (which is fine), you should at least tell your partner where you put their things so they don’t get lost. Have a system so you know when the dishwasher is clean or dirty, know what dinner plans are going to look like, be communicative. Do not bottle up any of your feelings because that will make everything so much worse.

Quality Time

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This is such an important aspect of living together but might seem confusing. Doesn’t living together count as quality time? NO. If you both have busy schedules and the only time you see each other are a few times a day like sleeping, it doesn’t count. Quality time is so important in a relationship and simply being in each other’s presence does not count. This is a big issue that many couples go through because even though you are together so much more than before, data nights might dwindle. Make sure you have designated quality time where you can talk, be together and share your love. Being passing ships in the night will not work.

Take On Responsibilities

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Now I’m not saying you need to have a chore chart in the living room, but make sure your major responsibilities are balanced. If one of you hates doing the dishes, maybe you can do laundry instead. Split up the chores in a way that fits your schedules and doesn’t make you both miserable. If you feel you’re doing more than your partner, communicate with them. Don’t make each other feel like you can’t count on one another. If this is the person you want to spend your life with, this is the beginning of a long journey and you’ll want to start it off right.

Don’t Try To Change Each Other

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We all grow up in different ways and have different customs and daily routines. While it might make you confused or even annoyed that your partner has a very specific way of doing things, you need to handle it with grace. Not everything needs to be done your way and in the end, there is usually a seamless way to integrate your lifestyles. This means that if your partner eats at specific times of the day and you prefer to go with the flow, compromise with each other. Now, we eat at specific times of the day but we go with the flow with what we’re going to eat. Compromise!

Be Independent

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I know we already talked about quality time which is so important but this one is the flip side. Spend quality time together but also make sure you have time for yourself. Being in a relationship does not mean that everything you do has to be together. Have hobbies of your own, go out with your own friends, play video games while your partner is doing something else. Being independent is just as important as spending quality time together. While your partner should be your best friend, they shouldn’t be your only friend. Don’t alienate yourself from the other people you love. Go out, be social and it will help your relationship improve.

I hope this advice for moving in together helps you out! Remember why you’re making this step, have fun and take deep breaths! Thanks for reading!

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