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Hosting a Friendsgiving This Year? Here’s How To Make It Unforgettable

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s also almost Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is a perfect way to celebrate your group of friends, whether you’ll all be in town for the holiday or are celebrating it together afterward. Though, with all of the standard Thanksgiving traditions, it can be hard to know what to do for Friendsgiving. Here are some awesome and easy Friendsgiving ideas.

Theme It

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My group of friends loves a good theme. Whether you theme it FRIENDS the TV show, 2000s party, or another theme. Adding in a theme can turn your drab Friendsgiving into a fun part for your entire group.

Watch Party

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Instead of dinner being the main attraction (although it still will be), have a watch party. You can watch Thanksgiving-themed episodes of your favorite TV show, watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” or kick off the holiday season with a few Netflix or Hallmark Christmas chick flicks. This element will bring a little spice to your standard Friendsgiving event.

Go Out To Eat

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If you have all already gone out of town to celebrate the holiday with family, you can celebrate Friendsgiving in a completely unique way. Go out for pizza, or sushi, or something that doesn’t necessarily scream Thanksgiving or country food. This can even become a tradition for your group every year.

Bake Off

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While the dinner food is equally delicious, you know we’re all eager for some pumpkin pie. Have a bake-off with your friends to see who has the best pie or Thanksgiving dessert recipe. You can bake together in a Great British Bakeoff kind of way, or you can potluck it like a Chili Cookoff. Either way, everyone can try each other’s desserts and vote for which ones turned out the best.

Play A Game

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Ever watched New Girl? Friendsgiving is the perfect time to play their classic game True American. If that’s not your thing, play a board or card game. Turn Friendsgiving into a game night or even a poker night.


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Looking for a unique setting? Head to the park and have Friendsgiving picnic style. You can all either sit on blankets or find some tables to eat on. Many parks often have grills so you can even do some cooking there. Take in that last bit of nice weather before winter hits hard.

Activity Station

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While it might feel a little juvenile to sit around and make hand turkeys, it would also be so much fun. When do you have the time to feel like a kid again? Grab some construction paper, scissors, colored pencils, markers and glue sticks and have all of your friends make their own hand turkeys. Once you’re done, they can all be displayed on your fridge for the rest of the year.


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Charcuterie boards are fun, unique, and really hip at the moment. You can make your own, make one altogether, order one to be delivered or even attend a charcuterie class in your area. While it’s plenty different than Thanksgiving food, it’s still an event based around food.

Secret Santa

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I know, I know, let’s not jump ahead but Friendsgiving is the perfect time and place to pull for your Secret Santa. Have everyone write down their names and a few things they want on a slip of paper and put it in a hat or bowl. Have everyone pick out who their Secret Santa will be and you’ll have plenty of time to brainstorm and shop before the holiday season.

Did these Friendsgiving ideas help you think of any others? Comment them below so we can all have the best get-together this year.

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