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Welcome To Gilmore Girls TikTok – The Stars Hollow Of The Internet

gilmore girls tiktok

Even though Gilmore Girls first aired on TV twenty years ago, its fanbase is large and growing. With the show on Netflix, brand new fans have been introduced to the classic TV show about a mother and daughter who are more like friends. Old fans who watched it originally air have the opportunity to binge it over and over again with ease. Some fans have taken to social media to show their love of the show, with Instagram fan accounts, podcasts, and TikToks. TikToks? Yes, there are entire TikTok accounts dedicated to the shoe and my For You Page is living for it. Here are my favorite Gilmore Girls TikTok accounts.



It would’ve been so perfect and so indicative of where Rory was at in her life👛#gilmoregirls #rorygilmore #birkinbag

♬ Reflecting Light – Sam Phillips

@GilmoreGirlyGirl, otherwise known as Haley has some of the BEST Gilmore Girls content. This lady knows what she’s talking about. She analyzes the episodes, the writing, parallels between certain characters, and more. She discovers fun facts, discusses fan theories, and most importantly, she’s #TeamLogan, which is why she’s #1 on this list for me. I love scrolling through her TikTok because she shares so much of her knowledge and always has something awesome to talk about. Go check her out!


This is another one of my favorite TikTok accounts EVER. Larisa from @eatinggilmore makes a recipe based on every single Gilmore Girls episode! Right now, she’s on season 4, so go scroll through her account and see all of the awesome recipes she’s made so far. One day, when she makes a Gilmore Girls cookbook, my life will be fulfilled. She’s made full meals, desserts, beverages and so much more. Her cooking looks mouthwatering and her creativity is endless!


On the @gilmoregay account, we get to play along with a ton of trivia, listen to controversial opinions and have debates in the comment section and discuss all things Gilmore Girls. One of my favorite series of his is the “I Know if you’re a Netflix or original Gilmore Girls fan by…” then he usually says a word and depending on what episode you think of, he “knows.” It’s kind of like a fun TikTok Buzzfeed quiz. Sometimes I totally agree with his opinions, while other times, I love to debate and share my opinions in the comments!



Reply to @kissingbooks What came first: the spin-off or the character assassination? #gilmoregirlstiktok #gilmoregirls #teamjess

♬ Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles Revival Band & Orchestra

Tara is the #TeamJess version of @Gilmoregirlygirl. In a similar fashion, she pulls apart scenes, discusses characters and fun facts. She’s team Jess which is not my thing, but I still love her videos because I just love watching people discuss my favorite show! Whether you agree with her opinions or not, it’s super fun to debate in the comment section and to watch all of her content. She has some awesome videos in which she dives really deep into the show, like talking about Rory’s age and how the show’s continuity doesn’t quite make sense.


While his entire account isn’t focused on GG, he has a ton of videos in which he explains the fast-paced Gilmore references that we’ve come to know and love. Every time I watch the show, I feel like I pick up on something new, but Scott does the work for you and explains jokes that are too niche for everyone to understand. Even if you’re a pop culture junkie, there has to be a few jokes that flew over your head since they are heavily sprinkled through every episode.

Are you on Gilmore Girls Tiktok? Who did I miss? Drop your favorite GG accounts in the comment section below!

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