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Disney Bounding Is The New Super Cute Way To Dress Up At The Disney Parks

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Long gone are the days where wearing matching corny T-Shirts at Disneyland is in… sorry if your family still does that, but I don’t ever want to see another group wearing “Hakuna Matata” shirts. You do you, but Disney bounding has become the new way to dress up for your Disney trips. But, what is Disney bounding? Let’s take a look at what it is, where this idea started and some Disney bounding ideas.

What Is Disney Bounding?

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As you (hopefully) know, adults (anyone above age 12) are not allowed to dress up in costume as Disney characters unless it’s on special occasions like Mickey’s Halloween Party. This is because it can be incredibly confusing for kids at the park if there is real Disney cast members and other adults dressed as their favorite characters. It’s also a liability because if someone is mistaken for being one of their employees and does something bad, that’s a bad look with horrible consequences. Basically, eliminating costumes makes everything easier and more straightforward. But everyone has a favorite character, and dressing up as them sounds like a lot of fun… so that’s where Disney bounding comes in.

Disney bounding is creating an outfit inspired by a Disney character that couldn’t be classified as a costume. We’re not talking ballgowns, masks, or anything crazy, we’re talking about using normal clothing to represent your fave characters. This means pulling together clothes in a similar color scheme, finding accessories to match your character and their vibe and adding in a little casual inspiration into your outfit. One obvious example would be to wear red and black polka dots to Disney bound as Minnie Mouse, or wearing honeypot earrings while Disney bounding as Winnie the Pooh. Let’s get into some of my favorite examples and how to incorporate your favorite characters.


Using accessories to Disney bound is one of the most crucial steps. An easy and obvious way to do this is by finding the perfect pair of Mickey ears for your costume. Or maybe you need a sachet if you’re Disney bounding as Flynn Rider. Maybe a pair of earrings can help your look, like wearing a pair of seashell earrings as Ariel.


This is a very important step because you have to remember where you’re going. Yes, your Instagram pictures matter but enjoying your time at the Disney Parks matter much more. You’re going to be on your feet for hours, so make sure you wear shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in, but they can still match your outfit. Here are some perfect shoe examples:


Like aforementioned, patterns matter so much! If you pull a pattern from a recognizable character, your Disney bound will be way more successful than not. Polka dots = Minnie Mouse. Hawaiian leaves = Lilo. Cow print + plaid = Woody and Jessie. Dalmatian print = Cruella de Vil. A simple patterned dress, pants or shirt can make you recognizable almost instantly.

Color schemes

In the exact same way that a pattern can bring your outfit familiarity, using a color scheme can do the same exact thing. Wearing a purple top and green bottoms will make you look like a casual streetwear Ariel. Wearing a white long sleeve shirt and blue overalls, along with a yellow hair bow? Belle’s here! Where a white tank top and orange pants to look like you walked right out of the world of Star Wars. Don’t forget that Star Wars and Marvel characters can totally be Disney bounded!

Which of these Disney bounding ideas do you like the best? What will you wear to Disneyland next? Is this the new way to dress at the Parks?

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