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4 Christmas Proposal Ideas That Are Hallmark Movie Worthy

christmas proposal ideas

The holidays are here and love is in the air. If you’re looking for a proposal idea for this holiday season (ok, procrastinator), or for next year, the holiday ideas are endless. There are so many ways to incorporate all of your favorite holiday traditions into the way you pop the big question. I’m a sucker for romance and cheesy Christmas love movies, so this article is right up my alley. Here are 4 Christmas proposal ideas that will guarantee you a yes!

Gingerbread House

Are you looking for something casual and sweet? Not everyone wants a giant grand gesture in front of a million people. If you know that your love would prefer something more lowkey, a gingerbread house proposal would be so CUTE. You can make it super cozy by dressing up in cute pajamas and slippers and sipping on some hot cocoa, or you can dress it up. Make them a nice dinner, light some candles, drink some wine, and have a moody and romantic time decorating your houses. Either way, you’ll want to frame it as a contest, and each decorate your own house. Don’t show them the front of your house until it’s all done and write “Will you marry me?” in icing on the front! Decorate it to your heart’s desire and get ready to get down on one new for the final reveal!

In The Ornament

This is one of my Christmas favorite proposal ideas! Basically, there are these awesome ornaments that can fit a ring inside! On the outside, they look like a completely normal ornament, but inside, the ring is there! So when you’re putting up your tree at the beginning of the month, slyly slip the ornament onto the tree. Hopefully, your soon-to-be fiancé will think it’s just a normal ornament! So whenever the time is right, whether you choose to grab it on Christmas Eve or as the last present on Christmas morning, they’ll be super surprised that it had been hidden in plain sight the whole time!

Advent Calendar

While this one might be a little more obvious, it’s an incredible way to lead up to your proposal! Handmade advent calendars are such a sweet way to show someone you care about them, especially if receiving gifts is their love language! This also doesn’t have to be really expensive – the presents can be little things like candy, lip gloss, pens, or just about anything! A few years ago, I made my boyfriend an advent calendar using boxes I already had and wrapping paper! I put the boxes in a Christmas tree formation and glued them together. To get the gifts out, all he had to do was bust open the wrapping paper! Most of the gifts were from the dollar store and were just fun little things, until day 25 that was the big one! The same concept can be used here! Write little notes for all of the gifts, or make art! It’s the thought that counts, not how much money was spent.

Write It In The Snow

This is a classic. Just like writing it in the sand, writing your big question in the snow is the winter equivalent. Ask your boo if they want to go out to make a snowman or snow angels and surprise them with the question waiting for them. You can decorate the area with rose petals, Christmas lights, Tiki torches and whatever else you have on hand, as long as its not snowing too much!

Do you have any other Christmas proposal ideas? Good luck if you’re planning a proposal! Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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