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2021 Holiday Nail Trends To Try This Christmas


Ladies, it’s about that time of year to be picking out our Christmas manicures. In an attempt to hopefully be saving you hours of scrolling on Pinterest to find your perfect holiday set, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite 2021 Christmas nail trends (and what I think will be big this Christmas). There’s something for every style in this list, so hopefully you find just what you’re looking for!

Organic Shapes in Festive Colors

Organic shapes like wavy lines and “blobs” were a HUGE nail trend this year and they’ll continue to shine this Christmas season. Like the rest of the year, applying seasonal colors to a pre-existing trend is a great way to decide on your Christmas set. Like in the examples above, red or green shades can easily make this trend look way more festive. Glitter can also be incorporated for a bit of holiday cheer, and voila! A very trendy set of nails.


Stars are a great way to add a Christmas inspired design without making you feel like you have to change up your nails before the New Year. Stars are always cute, but if you’re using glitter or Christmas colors, these nails will definitely pop for the holiday season. Depending on how good they turn out, you might not even need a star for the top of your tree, your nails might just be enough.

Glitter + Snowflakes

Glitter and snowflakes have always been a vibe for Christmas, but this year, I sense the trend will be bigger than ever. The daintiness and clean look of snowflakes is very on-brand for recent nail trends, but spicing things up with snowflakes designs and glitter adds the pop you might be looking for to make them festive for the season.


Ombre nails are so fun, and this Christmas, may I suggest rocking a set of festive ombre nails? You can incorporate glitter, Christmas colors, maybe even shaped glitter that comes in festive silhouettes. All of these ombre nail ideas are sure to stand out and shine this holiday season.

Alternating Colors

Another trend that has been very big lately has been to alternate colors on nails or color two nails one way, and three another way. So, this trend can be done with Christmas colors, glitter, and even festive designs. This is a great way to include two different colors that you were perhaps having a hard time deciding between. Why not have both? Who said you couldn’t even have three? That is an even better way to have nails that stand out this Christmas.

Gold Foil

Gold is a popular Christmas color, but if you want a classier, unique way to include gold on your holiday nails, consider using gold foil to spice up your nails. Whether you include it on top of another color or include it within a design, it can look great. Or, you can rock clear polish with just the gold foil on its own. This look is simple, elegant, classy, and pretty. All good things in your ideal set of Christmas nails.

Snow White

White nails are BIG right now, specifically a subtly off white that resembles snow, milk, eggshells, etc. This kind of white is clean, yet softer and more interesting than a traditional white nail. If you’re opting to follow this trend for your holiday set of nails, consider spicing it up with some glitter designs, or embellishing in some other way. I think this set is a great pick for the holiday season because they will easily look great come the new year! With their fresh look, they will last you into the fresh, new year.

Which of these cute Christmas nails do you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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