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Give The Gift of Wellness This Christmas With These 7 Fit Gifts

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The holiday season can be seriously stressful, so giving out a gift to help someone relax might be exactly what they need. I love getting wellness-related gifts, like shower fizzers, face rollers and face masks. But, sometimes people can get an abundance of the same types of gifts (like thirteen different shower gels), so I thought we’d mix it up with this list. Here are some wellness Christmas gifts that are unique and will really help your person out.

Weighted blanket

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Nothing feels cozier than a weighted blanket. Blankets are already such a good holiday present, but a weighted bring will bring your giftee the calm and tranquility they deserve. I get really hot when I sleep, so I was happy to realize that there are cooling weighting blankets that calm you down while keeping you easy breezy.

Healthy meal subscription

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Whether it’s HelloFresh Hello Fresh, Green Chef Home Chef, Blue Apron, or another food subscription, these can save so much time and energy for the people you love. While you do still have to cook the meals, healthy ingredients are delivered straight to your doors. These can also help people who are hoping to be healthy for their New Year’s resolution. Taking the stress and effort away from eating healthy can really be an important wellness gift and help make their goals so much easier and obtainable.

Period panties

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If you’re shopping for someone with a period, buying them period panties is such a good idea! Personally, I’ve been dying to try some but haven’t purchased any for myself. This gift is thoughtful and can really change the way they live while on their period. Some popular brands that offer these are Thinx and Knix.

Mini massage gun

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Who wouldn’t like to get a massage at the end of a long day? Or in this case, a long and sometimes grueling holiday season. A mini massage gun can be perfect for that person in your life who has a lot of built of stress, or for someone who likes to stay active and needs to massage their muscles! Many mini massage guns even come with different heads so they can get to all of the nooks and crannies that need it most.

Fitness class subscription

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My bestie and I just tried out a free spin class and we loved it! Though, even if I wanted to go back, it feels like a really large expense. Gifting someone a fitness class subscription can be an awesome gift for them! It can be a spin class, a yoga class, or even something unique like a beginning aerial class. Getting out of the house and moving around is one of the best gifts you can give someone.

Water bottle

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This is a very simple gift for someone that can make a huge difference for them. Having a new cute water bottle can be a huge motivator for someone to drink more water. Personally, I love the water bottles that count your progress on the side, but a cute water bottle of any kind might be enough motivation. If they’re able to – and want to – tote it around with them, they’ll be drinking water all day without even noticing.

Bullet journal

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If you’re gifting someone who is really creative, a bullet journal can change the game. Make sure to get a blank page journal or one that has dots! Stay away from lined journals because those won’t work for the bujo community. If someone you know already has a bullet journal, get them some stickers, pens or markers! Bullet journaling can be such a helpful daily task that will bring your giftee peace.

What wellness Christmas gifts will you be buying this season? Let us know if you have any other ideas in the comment section down below!

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