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Let It Snow, And Let It Go. Four Ways To Keep Seasonal Stress Away.

The holidays are here, and I know you’re probably going to be running around all week looking for the perfect last-minute presents and getting everything done, but I’m here to remind you of something really big. The holidays are not only about gift-giving, cooking for family, and hosting giant shindigs. Although these aspects of the holiday are fun – they can often cause you a ton of stress and strife. Deep down, the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends, being thankful, and spreading love (as cheesy as it may sound). If this season is overwhelming you, here are some ways to manage the holiday stress.

Live In The Moment

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Turn your phone off or put it in another room to charge. I know it can be tempting to reread your holiday To-Do list 24/7 or to add new things to your calendar, but sometimes taking a step back and relaxing can help with the stress. Put on a movie, bake some cookies (without thinking of all of the people you have to deliver them to), decorate a gingerbread house, dance around with the family to some Christmas songs, just live in the moment and make some unforgettable memories. When you look back at the holiday season once it is over, you won’t even remember all of the worries, but you’ll remember the fun you’re having right now.

Drive Around To Look At Lights

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When we’re all caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you might forget to look around. News flash: the holiday season is beautiful. Whether it snows or not where you’re from, the holidays turn our towns into winter wonderlands, straight out of a snow globe. One of the easiest ways to relax during the holiday season is to hop in the car and search for some beautiful Christmas light displays. There are some gorgeous houses in just about every neighborhood that goes all out, or even if it’s a minimal display, Christmas lights bring joy to my soul that nothing else could. Make it a solo trip if you need some alone time, or pack the kids in for an easy and free but still super fun holiday activity.

Spread Out The Responsibilities

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I know, I know, we all like to make it seem like we have everything under control all of the time. Even so, there is nothing wrong with splitting up the responsibilities during the holiday season! If you usually make an entire meal for your whole family, maybe suggest a potluck style where everyone brings a few sides. If you’re always the one in charge of coming up with the perfect gift ideas, talk to your partner to see if they had any ideas to share. If you’re the one in the friend group who sets up the Secret Santa and everything else every year, let someone else take the wheel this year! Although it may seem like it sometimes, you don’t have to do everything on your own!

Reminisce And Be Cheesy

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If there’s any time of the year to be cheesy, lovey-dovey and reminisce, the holiday season is it! Get out those old photo albums or scrapbooks and sit down together and laugh at old memories! Or, make a new photo album or scrapbook out of pictures you print out from your phone. Play some music and dance in the living room by the Christmas tree with your loved one! Prepare for the New Year by making a list of everything you did this year that you’re proud of. Or, start early and write down all of your resolutions for the next year. Scroll through your camera roll and see how far you’ve come. Remember the true meaning of the holidays and reflect on that! Make little (easy) gifts for your family members or put a sweet note in their stockings! Spread the holiday cheer! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and spread some love to those around you!

How do you manage the holiday stress? Let us know in the comment section below!

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