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Lost On What To Get Your Significant Other’s Parents for Christmas? We’ve Got You.

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The holiday season brings along a lot of warmth, amazing memories, and delicious treats, but sometimes it also brings along big questions. If you’re in a brand new or even a 30-year relationship, it can be hard to figure out what to get your parents-in-law, or the parents of your significant other. When you don’t know someone very well, picking out a gift for them can be really hard. So, I’ve made a list of simple gifts for parents in law that will make you look great, and that they will actually love.

Snack baskets

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Whether it’s a charcuterie-themed basket, or a basket full of Christmas cookies, this is always a great option. Everyone loved food, so compiling a basket of delicious snacks is a winning gift. Depending on their vibe, you can prepare a perfect curated basket. Try one with meats, cheese, crackers and jams. Or, maybe a movie snack basket with Twizzlers, M&M’s, popcorn, and a movie theatre gift card. Another idea is a hot coca basket, that has all of the ingredients you would need to make the perfect holiday drink. Think hot cocoa powder, candy canes, marshmallows, chocolate bombs, cute mugs! Themed baskets are always really cute and easy.


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Make sure they like coffee, but chances are, they probably do. Coffee is one of those gifts that just about everyone (just about) will love, so it’s always at the top of my list. A nice bag of coffee is always a winner for parents, I’ve noticed. You can get them a bag of coffee, some new Keurig K cup flavors (bonus points if they are holiday-themed), or even a coffee subscription. If they don’t like coffee, maybe give them an alternative like MUD/WTR or chai tea! There are some super awesome coffee subscriptions that bring you coffee from all over the world like Atlas.

Scratch Off Map

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If your in-laws are big travelers, a scratch-off map could be a really awesome gift idea! They can hang it up and keep track of everywhere they have been, and everywhere they still need to go. They also make really cool decor, so even if they are just starting off their traveling adventure, it’ll still look awesome hung up in their home office or somewhere else. There are some really cool gold and black versions, or awesome colorful ones. Whatever you think their style would be, snag it up and I promise they’ll think it’ll be a really cool and unique gift. There are also USA maps or world maps, depending on how much traveling they want to do.

Family Fun

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If your boo’s family is big, gifting them some family fun is always an awesome option. This could be a dartboard, a board game, a card game, a poker table, or a specialized, personalized or themed deck of cards. My fiancé usually gifts my family a game of some sort, because it’s an easy way to incorporate everyone and make it fun. These games can also be played on Christmas if there’s any downtime, which makes it really fun, immediate and interactive. Some of my favorite board games for families are Telestrations, Code Names or a Case File Mystery. For card games, some classic options include Uno, SkipBo and Phase 10. Dartboards, a poker table top, cornhole, or bocce ball are also fun ideas that will lighten up game night. Backyard games are always something people want to have, but never want to buy themselves, so it can be a perfect gift.

What gifts for parents in law are you buying this year? Let us know if you have any awesome ideas in the comment section down below!

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