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Simple Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas To Show Your Loved Ones You Care

random acts of kindness ideas

Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in life that we become oblivious to everything around us. Some days, I feel like I’m too busy to think straight, let alone do something special for someone I love. But at the end of the day, what is it that really matters? I challenge you to try to do something special for your loved ones as many times as you can. Maybe that’s once a month, once a week, or once a day. But when it comes to the relationships in our lives, doing something little to show you care can make a huge difference and can really brighten that person’s day. Here are 10 random acts of kindness ideas, so you can bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Write a note

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Throwing it back to the classics, writing a little note for your loved one is one of the simplest ways to show you care. If they have one, stick it in their lunch or backpack. Or, put it somewhere they will definitely see it like on the fridge. You can even write on their morning banana since they’ll peel it anyway. Be creative and write something sweet, whether it’s an encouragement or a hilarious little drawing.

Make them a drink

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Nothing feels better than being waited on. If your loved one always makes a cup of tea at the end of the night or has a glass of wine, skip a step for them. I can’t even explain the happiness it brings me when my fiancé makes me a mug of hot cocoa unprompted. It’s like a cup of love being handed over, and it’s delicious, so where could you go wrong?

Bring them a tiny gift

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If you’re stopping at the gas station after work, pop in and grab their favorite candy bar or snack. Or maybe, if you’re walking home, grab them a flower you see on your way. You don’t have to spend a lot, or any, money to make someone happy. Having someone say “I thought of you” is all it really takes.

Post about them

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Believe me, everyone wants to be shown off. But no one, absolutely no one, wants to ask to be shown off. One simple and absolutely free way to make your loved one feel special is by posting something sweet about them on social media. It doesn’t have to be super cheesy or anything, but something to show you were thinking about them and want the world to know about your relationship.

Send them a song

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Are you often listening to new music? Send your loved one a song you think they might like. Music is a love language, too. Honestly, if someone sent me a song to listen to, I’d be so excited and happy. It’s like a love letter you didn’t even have to write yourself.

Do a chore for them

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Is there a chore that you know they absolutely hate? Do they dread doing the dishes or shoveling their car out when it snows? Throw your boots on our grab a sponge and do that thing for them without them having to ask you. Showing you care through an act of service is a way to really make someone feel loved.

Plan something

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Once again, I’m really not trying to come up with ways for you to spend all of your money. You can plan something super simple and easy. Instead of your normal lunch in, plan a picnic and bring your person outside into the backyard. Rent out their favorite movie so you can watch it together. Wait until their favorite artist is in town and surprise them by getting tickets. Planning something simple is a creative way to make them smile.

Compliment them

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Although you might compliment them constantly in your head, they’d have no way of knowing that. If you think something nice about someone, you should say it out loud. If you think they look pretty, or they made a delicious meal, or they’re wearing a really cool outfit, say it! Even a simple “I’m so glad I know you” can make or break a person’s day.

Give them a call

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We’re not all fortunate enough to be able to live with all of the people we love. If you haven’t been in contact with one of your loved ones for a few days, pick up the phone and give them a call. People often feel like they’re being too overbearing or annoying to reach out first, so do them the favor and reach for the phone to say hi.

Offer them a night of self love

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Whether that means running them a bath or babysitting for them, offering your loved one a night alone can help them immensely. Is your loved one always stressed out or are they the type of person who gives and gives? It’s their turn to have some time to relax and feel amazing.

Do you have any other random acts of kindness ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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