5 Lash Extension Aftercare Tips For A Longer Lasting Set

lash extension aftercare

I hopped on the lash extension bandwagon earlier last year and it’s clear to see why this beauty service is getting more and more popular throughout 2022. Whether you’ve been getting lashes forever or you’re new to your extensions, there are lash extension aftercare steps you can apply so that you get more bang for you buck and keep your lashes looking good for longer. While care can be slightly different when it comes to different kinds of lash extensions, overall there are some general rules of thumb to apply in order to retain your eyelash extensions!

Avoid water

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This is one of the most obvious tips when thinking about eyelash extension aftercare. However, with me, it seems to be one of the hardest tips to actually apply. I love water and often find myself swimming, and well, doing normal human things with water like showering, etc. I kind of took the “avoid water” tip lightly, still swimming completely underwater or washing my face like normal in the shower. Sadly, those days are over if you’re looking to actually retain your lashes for a while. You really have to be careful with your lashes around water because when they are wet, they are heavier and more susceptible to getting jumbled up and when you dry them, falling off. If your eyelashes do get in contact with water, you’ll want to be really gentle when drying them off and make sure to brush them out so they all align well before drying completely. Otherwise, I suggest changing up how you wash your face, avoiding your eyes and coming up with another way to clean your eye area that won’t be damaging to your lashes is a must.

Brush them twice a day

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When I was new to lashes, I also assumed that the less I brushed through them, the less my extensions would be bothered. This isn’t necessarily the case. Sometimes, your lash extensions need that extra help to lie correctly, so brushing through them can do this as well as gently remove any debris that might have stuck to your lashes without washing them. I like to brush through my lashes at the same time I brush my teeth so I make sure to brush my lashes twice daily. I also think it’s a good idea to keep a spoolie brush handy so that if you need to brush through your lashes on-the-go, you’re not ever left with disheveled lashes.

Avoid Eye Makeup

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I feel like it’s kind of obvious that you shouldn’t be smearing mascara all over your eyelash extensions, BUT did you know that you really should be avoiding any makeup that gets in contact with your eyelashes in order to achieve a long-lasting set? So, yes, the general rule of thumb is absolutely NO to any mascara or eyelash curlers while having eyelash extensions. But, what about eyeliner, mascara, etc? What about those bottom lashes? I think that’s kind of a judgment call, but if you do choose to wear makeup around your lash extensions, it’s important to understand that the more careful you are to avoid touching your lashes, the better. By all means, have fun with your makeup! Just understand that the commitment of eyelash extensions come with taking extra care afterward.

Use lash extension products… sparingly

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Ok, but not touching your lashes at all isn’t really gonna cut it?  I feel you. For that urge to wash ‘em, you can use a foaming cleanser specifically designed for eyelash extensions so that you aren’t doing anything to remove the glue from your lashes. To wash, gently rub on with a soft brush and clean off by spraying a fine mist of water or gently wiping a clean wet brush over the lashes. Then, carefully air dry with cool air. Need a little something something to brush over your lashes when doing your makeup or skincare? I got you. There are lash extension serums you can apply that are meant to aid retention and keep them looking fresh. There is a catch to those products, though… Too much of these good things will definitely become not good after a bit. Be sure to use these products gently and sparingly so that you don’t disturb your extensions so much.

Sleep on your back

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This is the tip I am currently struggling to correct. As a face sleeper, my lash extensions rarely last as long as I’d like them to. Throughout the night, my lashes get rubbed against my pillowcase and thus, get rubbed off. It’s always a sad time to wake up to lash extensions sprinkled about my pillow in the morning. If you can help it, adjust your face or side sleeping so that you sleep on your back. Not only is this proven to have other health benefits, you aren’t unconsciously ruining your set of extensions.

When it’s all said and done, though, always consult with your lash technician to see what lash extension aftercare tips they recommend. Oftentimes, booking fills can help extend the life of your set of lashes and keep your eyes looking gorgeous for longer. Being communicative with your technician is always a bonus!

Do you have lash extensions? What lash extension aftercare tips can you share in the comments?

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