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No Heels Allowed! Comfortable Wedding Shoes For The Modern Bride

comfortable wedding shoes

I have never worn a pair of heels for more than 30 minutes. I absolutely hate wearing heels, don’t see the point in wearing them, and don’t even like the way I look in them. I would rather wear flats than have my feet hurt at the end of the night. If you relate to any of the statements above and you’re getting married, you might have been met with the same question as I have been. What wedding shoes do I wear? If I absolutely hate wearing heels, is this the one day I have to? Quick answer: NO. If you hate wearing heels and your feet end up hurting every time you do, do you really want to plague your special day with that conundrum? I don’t. Because of this, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect comfortable wedding shoes that aren’t heels and I’ve found some awesome choices.


Before you click away, hold on! I know it can be super super cringey to wear tennies at your wedding for a load of reasons. No, I’m not suggesting we pull a “not like other girls” wearing tennies to prom moment. That’s insanely annoying. Instead, I’ve seen some really cute options on Etsy. If your go-to look is Vans or Converse, don’t you want to seem like you on your big day? The person who is marrying you loves you for you and is not expecting you to change (especially not for this one day)! Here is a sparkly white option, a simple white with writing option, and a pearl option. Honestly, if you’re wearing a long dress, your friends and family probably won’t even see your shoes unless you want them to.


This is one of my favorite ideas for wedding shoes (plus, might be what I’m wearing ;)). Personally, I would never wear cowboy boots (ever), but if that’s your thing, incorporating a bridal pair into your wedding can be super adorable. I’m obsessed with fringe, so this pair immediately caught my eye. You can also go with a sparkly boot, plain white leather boot, even something edgy like Dr. Martens. Some boots still have a really high heel, so I suggest looking for a pair that is the perfect height for you.


Flats are absolutely gorgeous, especially ballet flats with the ribbons you can wrap up your ankle! I’ve seen some beautifully intricate pairs with lace, beads, glitter and pearls. There are also some really simplistic pairs if you are going for a minimal look! Flats are an amazing option, especially if you’re walking to dance the night away at your reception! Once again, if your wedding or reception dress is short, these will look amazing, and if it’s long, they might not even be seen! Flats are a really elegant choice for a classic bride!


If you’re having a summer or beach wedding, I feel like sandals are one of the only options for you! There is no way you’ll make it down the aisle in sand if you’re wearing giant high heels. I’m the type of person who wears sandals almost all year long, so I would love this option (if I was having a summer wedding). This look really ties in with the bohemian theme that is still all the rage in the wedding planning community. Buy a pair with some glimmer, or a pair with some lace, or even go as a barefoot bride with these invisible sandals.

Wearing heels is not the only way to be a bride! Comfortable wedding shoes (that are still cute) are absolutely an option! Let us know if you have any other ideas in the comments below!

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