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Everything Has Changed Reboot – Interview With Ava Ames

In June of 2013, Taylor Swift released the music video “Everything Has Changed.” In this collaboration with Ed Sheeran, the video told the story of two young kids becoming best friends. These two mini look-alikes of the duo spent the video messing around in music class, sitting together on the school bus and even creating fake cell phones to text each other on. Through the video, it is obvious that the characters represent a young version of Swift and Sheeran, but it isn’t revealed until the end. By the end of the video, we find out that Taylor and Ed are their parents, which is one of the cutest music video moments. This video was a staple of the Red era and has been loved by fans ever since.

This month, Ed Sheeran released a remix of his new song “The Joker And The Queen,” from his album Equals, featuring Taylor Swift. While Sheeran and Swift have collaborated multiple times since the original video (on her Reputation and Red (Taylor’s Version) albums), this video was a call back to their debut project together. In this video, Ava Ames and Jack Lewis, the two children from the original “Everything Has Changed” video came back to reprise their roles. 

ava ames

In this video, the two, who were once kids, are now entering college (crazy how time flies!) and they are embarking on all of the same journeys as before – but alone. They pack up for college, hit the road, reminisce on old memories, make their own music, eat lunch alone, head to parties and even text each other (on real phones this time). By the end of the video, the two reunite at their childhood homes, where they first met. It’s a touching callback in the world of reboots that seems almost necessary and so cute! 

This video reprise took fans by storm and everyone is talking about the parallels and time passed between the two music videos. Lucky for us, we had the opportunity of speaking with Ava Ames herself, who answered some questions about what it was like to step back into the role with Jack Lewis. 

Read our interview with Ava Ames below:

Q: Tell us your story! How were you originally cast in the Everything Has Changed music video? What have you been doing since then?

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A: I got the audition for Everything has Changed on a casting network. I went on the audition and they paired me and Jack together. They called me a few days later and I got the part as mini Taylor! After the music video I went on to do a few short films and TV, but I decided to leave the entertainment industry to have a normal childhood. This year, I graduated high school and now I’m studying psychology at Oklahoma State University. I plan on being a psychiatrist and helping individuals overcome mental health issues.

Q: That’s so cool!! What was it like reviving the original video with Jack? Have you kept in touch at all since the original casting?

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A: It was a great time on set with Jack and we had a lot of fun! We have kept in touch over the years and are still good friends!

Q: Last silly question: Are there any Easter eggs in the video that you’re aware of? You know Swifties are notorious for picking apart everything!

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A: I think the major Easter eggs were when I was writing the 13’s and the text messages.

Were you excited for the “The Joker And The Queen” music video? What did you think about this reprise? Let us know in the comment section below!

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