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Student Discounts Best For The Broke College Kid Counting Coins

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Being in college is so draining. And for once, I’m not talking about mentally. This time, I’m talking about your wallet. We all know that the “broke college kid” joke is hardly a joke, because when push comes to shove, you know we all have packs of Top Ramen on hand. But, being a student actually has a few benefits, and one of those is… drum roll, please… student discounts. Today, I’m going to round up all of the student discounts best for the broke college kid waiting for their next paycheck.

Amazon Prime Students

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Even though we’re broke, I know that’s not stopping us from online shopping. Even if it’s just for necessities, like buying your textbooks, having Amazon Prime can be amazing. Though, who wants to have another high-priced monthly subscription? Amazon Prime Student is an amazing discount, but better yet… you can get Amazon Prime Student free for six months. Click this link and your shopping experience will be absolutely incredible (and free) for six months. Realize you don’t need it after the trial? Cancel it! Love it? It’s only $7.49/month. Click here for a free trial for six whole months.


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Speaking of another free trial, Audible offers a month free trial too. Audible can be great for reading your textbooks, because I know you don’t have enough time to read them on your own. A ton of the time, I don’t even read what I’m supposed to and bullshit my way through class. With Audible, you can put on your reading in the back while you do other things, like cook, meal prep, workout or otherwise relax.


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This is one of the best student discount deals out there. First of all, as a student, we have to have priorities. Two of the biggest priorities are music and TV. With this deal, you get Spotify, Hulu and Showtime all bundled together for only $4.99/month. Throw on some tunes in the background, wind down at the end of the night with some TV and get enthralled in some Showtime shows, all for an amazing price.

Apple Music

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Even though Spotify has a banging deal, I know a lot of people who prefer Apple Music… myself, included. Don’t judge. Either way, Apple Music has an amazing deal of $4.99/month for students. All you have to do is sign up for Unidays.

Bus Fare

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Another one of the most universal college experiences is hopping on a bus to get home after class. A lot of the time, bus passes have amazing student discounts (and sometimes there are even free routes for students), so take a peek at your city’s bus routes online.

Movie Theaters

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Whether you’re going on a date or hitting the movies with your friends, you can get some amazing movie theater deals. At Harkins, Cinemark, and AMC you can get a few dollars off when buying tickets. Sometimes, movie theaters even have student nights, so keep an eye on that. Just bring your student ID and get your deal!


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Beyond Apple Music, you can actually get a really great deal on Apple products. Personally, I’m typing on my MacBook that I purchased with an amazing student discount (that included free Airpods!) Check out this page for information on the discounts they have available at the moment.

Thrift stores

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I’m not sure what thrift stores are in your area but sometimes Goodwill, Savers and other stores have student discount days. Check online to see if they have a certain day of the week where everything will be a percentage off!


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As mentioned before, this is the website that Apple uses to verify your Apple Music discount. But beyond that, Unidays has a ton of different websites, stores and shops that offer you a  student discount. All you have to do is sign up, log into your student email and boom! Discounts at your fingertips.

Know of any other student discounts best for college kids? Let us know in the comment section below!

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