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Academia Aesthetic Etsy Shops So You Can Shop For TikTok’s New Favorite Vibe

academia aesthetic

Different academia aesthetics are getting increasingly popular, especially on platforms like TikTok. If you want to find items for an academia aesthetic, be it dark, light, or otherwise, Etsy is a great place to check out academia finds that you’ll love. However, it can be hard to find sellers that fit your specific aesthetic. So you don’t have to, I’ve rounded up some of the best academic aesthetic Etsy shops.

Green Pact Alchemy

academia aesthetic

Looking for ways to give yourself a little love and care? Green Pact Alchemy is an Etsy seller with great bath and body products for lovers of the academia aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for academia-inspired bath bombs or room sprays. Products like the super-popular library room spray and this love letter self care gift box. Whatever the product, you’ll be feeling way more calm and loved with Green Pact Alchemy’s products.

Dark Academia Finds

academia aesthetic

If you love the academia aesthetic, you’ll love this Etsy shop. This will be your go-to corner of the internet to find decor items that will fit whatever academia aesthetic you subscribe to. My favorite items in this shop are the planters, vases, and pots they offer that are shaped in such a way that they look like ancient Greek sculptures. Another cool find that this shop offers are academia-inspired scrapbooking sets.

Simple Chics Boutique

academia aesthetic

This is such an awesome Etsy shop for anyone who loves the academia aesthetic! Finding fashions and creating outfits that fit within academia aesthetics can be hard. However, this shop takes out all the guesswork and does the searching and styling for you. Shop full outfits made up of thrifted and vintage items. Pieces in this shop are so unique and cute, and I think that everything is styled so well. This shop takes the cake with academia fashions, so pick out your outfit from Simple Chics Boutique now!


academia aesthetic

LlAcadamia is another great Etsy shop for finding clothing items that fit the academia aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for outfit sets or individual pieces, you’ll probably find something that perfectly fits the academia look you’re going for because there’s lots that this shop has to offer. Honestly, this is probably what I’d consider to be the “academia warehouse” on Etsy. So, find your perfect styles by checking out their Etsy shop. From retro shoes to the cutest plaid skirts, this shop definitely does not disappoint.

Cozy Cat Collective

academia aesthetic

This shop is so cute! Not only will this Etsy shop help you embark on some self care, it will also allow you to become more well read. Academia takes the cake with Cozy Cat Collective’s Etsy shop. With wrapped books, shoppers can choose mystery reads in such cute packages. This not only is such a cute and aesthetic shop, but it’s also such a great idea to get people to pick up books that they wouldn’t otherwise read. This idea makes me feel so warm and cozy inside, so hopefully you love it too!

What other aesthetics do you want us to find Etsy shops for? Are you obsessed with these academic aesthetic Etsy shops like we are? Let us know in the comments!

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