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Y2K Tattoo Trends Are Making A Major Comeback And We’re Loving Them

Y2K Tattoo Trends

Right on schedule, the 2000s are back and BIG. As trends come back around that revolving door and back into the limelight, it can be interesting to see what kind of tattoos go in and out of style as well. While tattoos are permanent, certain looks just won’t always be in style. The following tattoo trends were never necessarily out of style, however, their popularity is skyrocketing for the first time since the 2000s. So, here are some Y2K tattoo trends that are making their 2020s comeback, and we are oh-so here for these modern twists on tattoo classics.

Tramp stamps

They were IN, then they were kinda out. Now they are IN, IN, IN, again. Tramp stamps are a fun, sexy way to show off your lower back with a pair of lower waisted bottoms. In the 2000s, tramp stamps became a bit of an accessory, and they were everywhere. While this tattoo trend started declining around the late 2000s, we’re happy to see it’s resurgence this year. Anticipate a 2000s-level spike in the popularity of tramp stamps throughout this year and onward, especially ones putting more subtle and modern-leaning design elements into the tattoos. Some of these examples are great ways this classic style is getting modernized to fit the Y2K aesthetic in tattoos.


If you don’t remember, stars were all the rage when it came to tattoos in the early 2000s. While this style turned slightly tacky post-2000s, there are ways to modernize this classic tattoo trend to make it fit the more modern take on the Y2K aesthetic. A more dainty design can be more trendy to modern tastes but still bring back that look that was rocking our worlds in the 2000s. Incorporating colors is another way to bring back the Y2K vibe to star tattoos, and it can be done super cute!

Cartoon Characters

Icons like Betty Boop, Tweety Bird, the Power Puff Girls were characters I wanted tattooed on my body when I was little. These iconic characters from the 2000s are fair game for any Y2K aesthetic inspired tattoos. If there’s a “vintage” character you love, consider getting them tattooed! Cartoony styles were big at the turn of the century, and with Y2K comebacks, I anticipate that these kind of cartoon tats will become super-trendy again.

Animal Tattoos

Remember all those Lion and Wolf head tattoos that were all the rage in the 2000s? Well, these tattoo trends didn’t entirely go away, but their ultra-popularity faded. Long gone are the days when everyone and their mom were wanting hyper-realistic “spirit animal” tattoos on their bodies. While we don’t use this term anymore, because it is cultural appropriation, having an animal you relate to or identify as in life is still pretty popular (without using indigenous language). If there is an animal you relate to, then you might want to consider getting that animal tattooed on you! Unlike the 2000s trend with hyper-realism with animal portraits, this Y2K tattoo trend can be modernized with less detail and different ways to frame the picture. But honestly, if you stick true to the realism, that’s also pretty badass.

Shoulder Wraps

Ok, I’ll admit that I wasn’t usually a fan of shoulder wrap tattoos when I saw them around in the 2000s. Mind you, I was a child, but I decided then that they weren’t necessarily my taste. That is, I thought that until I saw ways people have been updating this tattoo trend to fit modern tattoo styles. These tattoos are often bigger pieces with detail and honestly, they’re great for showing off because of the accessibility and visibility.

What do you think of these modernized Y2K tattoo trends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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