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I Tried A 2 Week Chloe Ting Weight Loss Challenge, And Here’s My Honest Review

chloe ting weight loss

If you go on YouTube and search up a quick workout, chances are you’d run into fitness creator Chloe Ting, who is famous for her highly-regimented but result-yielding workout challenges. And yes, I did do one of these challenges. A few, actually. Chloe Ting’s popularity doesn’t come out of nowhere. After participants in her previous programs shared how effective these fitness regimens can be when it comes to sculpting one’s body quickly. 

I think it’s important to mention right off the bat that a lot of Chloe Ting’s workout programs are geared toward losing weight and a lot of the vocabulary she uses in the videos, for the video titles, and in other aspects of the programs. Obviously, we know that this shouldn’t be our only goal for working out. Our end goal ought to not only include individual values, but also involve us striving toward becoming our healthiest, strongest, and best selves. So, do Chloe Ting’s workout programs help achieve those ultimate goals? Let’s find out.

Picking the program

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Before you jump into one of Chloe Ting’s workout programs, you must first choose a challenge. There are so many free workout programs listed on her website. Each one of these programs have its own focus, like the “get toned” challenge or the “weight loss” challenges, but Ting is most famous for her 2 week shred challenges. Yes, a high-intensity two-week long boot camp that promises to help set you on your way to becoming a more fit and strong individual. Oh yeah and shred fat, pounds, insecurity, what have you. While this is the challenge I’ll be referencing most throughout this article, Ting’s other challenges tend to be relatively similar. The main difference, of course between her 2 week shred programs and her other ones is that the 2 week shred is a bit more intense, and obviously, two weeks long, whereas other challenges can last up to a month and focus on more steady result reaching.


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Once you’ve signed up for the program that seems best for you, you get access to a calendar that helps guide you through your workout journey. On the calendar, you are linked to different videos that will get you moving (literally) toward your fitness goals. Each day, you can expect 20 minutes to an hour of working out, which is pretty much always accompanied by a warm up video and a cool down video. With only a few rest days within each challenge, you’re really working your body when it comes to this challenge. Ting arranges the videos in a way that you’re maximizing your energy and potential for your body. Not to mention, the rotation in the videos allows for some variation in the workouts you’re doing. 

As someone who is relatively active but doesn’t live in the gym, I’d say Chloe Ting’s workouts are pretty difficult at first. A lot of them are movements that I don’t regularly do, so involving those new muscle groups took some adjusting at first. Additionally, Ting offers different levels of impact for each activity. Oftentimes, you’ll see a low-impact variation, a normal variation, and a high-impact variation of one workout in the video. This makes the workouts extra accessible for those of us who would have some trouble with certain moves. I definitely have a handful of workouts that I routinely opt for the low-impact version with, but I never feel as though I’m not getting an effective workout still. Regardless, you’re moving between moves quickly, getting your body up and going, and keeping up a pretty quick tempo. With a lot of her workouts, Ting’s instructing in a HIIT method, to get the most intensity out of the smallest amount of time. One thing that can’t be argued about Ting’s workouts is the fact that they’re effective. Cause oh boy, they are.

Other Recommendations

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Oh yeah, on top of the workout regime Ting creates for those who follow along, there are also hundreds of recipes available to try out that fit within the frame of healthy eating that would assist with seeing results quicker. My favorite thing about the meals that Chloe Ting shares on her website is that they aren’t boring. You know how the typical idea of healthy eating can turn into eating really gross or really boring foods. Yeah, not here. Ting makes it easier to eat healthier with recipes that are flavorful, fun, and oh yeah, a lot of them include chocolate. 

On top of her nutritional recommendations, Ting suggests you’re getting a good amount of sleep and water while completing one of her challenges, as the physical work can be hard on your body, and operating without enough sleep or water can really wear down on you. She also suggests listening to your body and understanding when and how you might need to take things easier.

My Chloe Ting Weight Loss Review

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Ok, ok this is what we were waiting for, right? But how did the workouts work for you, Ash? Well, pretty damn great. I embarked on not one but two 2 week shred challenges by Chloe Ting within the last year and with both, I saw some pretty satisfying results with my body. I started the challenges because I was looking for a new way to move my body and potentially slim down a little bit in the process. I definitely did both. After doing the warm ups, workouts, and cool downs almost every day for two weeks (twice), I felt my body getting stronger and saw it getting smaller. Though, this kind of intensity with working out (especially when marketed to a population of non-athletes) in a burst of two weeks does have its downsides. One, I got so tired so quickly. Not only were the workouts tiring themselves, but after a few days, I felt my body physically dreading doing the workouts just because I had been putting it through something pretty intense every day when it’s not necessarily used to something like that. Additionally, while Ting rotates out her workouts and the videos you do each day, you catch on that she definitely has her favorite moves. While these are great in moderation, doing the same move a few times every workout can eventually make you sore or feel as though you’re overusing one part of your body. I did experience this a bit with Ting’s challenges.

Finally, the last downside to the intensity of her workouts actually comes along with how drastic my results were. I went from a soft to snatched and toned in just two weeks (twice over) and that was pretty satisfying to see. Because of this, I started getting a little bit obsessed with doing Ting’s reginimes, because I trusted that if I worked out every single day this intensely, it’d be no time before I reached my smallest, most muscular form. So, I started taking on two challenges at once, deciding that one could be my morning challenge, and one could be my nighttime challenge. This, as you might have already guessed, is very unsustainable, especially when you’re not giving yourself the space to rest. Ting’s workout challenges were meant to be completed solo, and not back to back. This kind of excessiveness with working out can lead to bigger physical and mental problems, so make sure you’re following Ting’s plans only to the degree they were intended to be followed.

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Have you ever tried a Chloe Ting weight loss or other workout challenge? If so, how did it work for you? If not, do you think you would? Let us know in the comments.

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