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These Gender Reveal Party Themes Are Too Cute, We Want To Attend Every One

If you’re expecting, you might be thinking about hosting a baby shower or gender reveal party. For one, these parties are an amazing time to celebrate your pregnancy with your family, the perfect time to stock up on diapers and gifts, and an excuse to dress up and have fun before the baby arrives! Whether you’re having one, or both, I’ve seen some beautiful and incredible gender reveal and baby shower themes.

A Little Cutie On The Way

Oranges!!! I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with citrus. Having “A Little Cutie On The Way” party is one of my favorite ideas out there. You can have citrus-themed decor, orange and yellow balloons, lemon and orange-flavored cake, and so much more! This theme is also perfect for a gender reveal or baby shower idea because it is super gender-neutral. Your family doesn’t know the gender yet? Or maybe you don’t even know? A little cutie can be any baby!

Winnie The Pooh

I don’t know about you, but Winnie The Pooh was a giant part of my childhood. Having a baby shower themed after it would feel so insanely nostalgic and like a full circle for me. The decorations are super cute, soft, and just absolutely perfect. Imagine having a tea party with this theme! Leave near a forest? There’s your Hundred Acre Wood! If you get your baby a Winnie The Pooh character stuffed animal, they can keep this theme with them even after they are born.

Over The Moon

This theme reminds me of all of the goodnight stories you’ll be reading to your little one! Moon and stars are the most dreamy and sweet decor ever. It really reminds me of the baby book “Goodnight Moon,” which is such a cute tie-in! This theme is also timeless and can be celebrated during any time of the year (unlike the last two which might feel very spring/summer). I’m sure you’re over the moon about your incoming little one, and your family and friends will be too!

Little Camper

I’m also a total sucker for all things camping, outdoors, mountains, s’mores! I’m obsessed with outdoorsy themes. A “Little Camper” is on the way, you’re adding “S’more Love” to the family, and a “New Adventure Awaits.” Not only does this theme have amazing puns, but it is so cute! You can get your little one a teddy bear from this party and they will love it forever! If camping or traveling is a big part of your life, then this theme can reflect the life your little one will be welcomed into.

Baby On Board

Want something beachy and coastal? Baby on Board is perfect for you! You can have starfish, fish, pineapples, palm leaves, surfboards, waves, and shells all over! Your baby can be welcomed into the world with a fun pool party! Think lounging by the water, drinking (virgin) Pina Coladas, having a water balloon fight, running through sprinkles! Especially if you live near a beach, this would be one of the cutest themes ever!

What other gender reveal and baby shower themes have you seen? Let us know in the comments below!

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