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Grimey Makeup Is The Messy Makeup Trend We’re Currently Obsessed With

messy makeup trends

The surge in the indie sleaze style throughout 2022 has brought about a rather surprising makeup trend associated with the style (and ones similar to it): grimey makeup. While this sounds a little gross, like you’ve been sleeping in lots of makeup for a few days, that kind of non-caring attitude is what inspires the look. So, purposely “messing up” your makeup in particular ways is what creates this signature look.

This trend is also in alignment with the non-perfect makeup “movement.” Perfect, precise and glamorous makeup has been all the rage for, well forever. We have always wanted to look polished and perfect and have our makeup be part of that, however mainstream makeup is getting a little more relaxed. You don’t need the perfect winged eyeliner to make a statement, you just need confidence. We’ve all seen Julia Fox’s bold and messy eye look breaking the internet– and whether you loved it or hated it, you can’t deny it had a big impact on how people are doing their makeup now. 

We’ve been seeing people get more and more creative with their makeup looks, so this grimey and imperfect trend in makeup is an approachable one for non-makeup artists wanting to try something new and catch the creative makeup wave. So, if you’re wanting to hop on and try the messy makeup trend, consider using these products and techniques to get the look!

Eyeliner Crayons

An easy way to go for this makeup trend is using bigger tools than you’re used to using for a less-precise and more messy look to your makeup. Eyeliner crayons are a perfect alternative to typical sharp eyeliner. The thick and smudgy nature of an eyeliner crayon helps you create bolder, thicker and messier eye looks. If you’re pulling inspiration right from Julia Fox, opt for one color all over your lid area. Black keeps it classic, but there are no rules, and color can be super fun too!

Super-Pigmented Black Eyeshadow

Similar to the smudged out eyeliner, you can achieve the same or a similar look with some super-pigmented eyeshadow. Whether you use a powder eyeshadow or a cream-based one, spending less time on blending can help you achieve the messiness that is oh-so-fashionable right now. Smoke it up, it’s time for those racoon eyes, y’all.

Brick or Brown Lip

It’s looking like the 90’s up in here with all the brick and brown lips I’ve been seeing around, especially with this grimey and messy makeup trend. Brick or brown lips offer a natural-ish look with a bit more depth and color. I think opting for a lip stain would be even more on-brand with the messy look because lipstick can feel like it looks pretty polished sometimes.

What do you think of the messy makeup trend? Let us know in the comments!

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