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What To Wear To Stranger Things Experience – Welcome To Hawkins

what to wear to stranger things experience

Now that we know what to wear to the Bridgerton Experience, I figured it was about time to write an article about what to wear to Stranger Things Experience. There have been so many “experiences” popping up around the country and they are such a fun way to immerse yourself in a fictional world for a little while. Stranger Things season 4 was a whirlwind and it has had fans begging for more, so what would be better than stepping into Hawkins yourself? If you’re trying to figure out what to wear to Stranger Things experience, let’s get started.

What is Stranger Things: The Experience?


Our fave thing about the Experience? All the cool people you get to meet! 🤗🎵 #StrangerThingsExperience #StrangerThings #Netflix

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At Stranger Things Experience, you’re literally stepping straight into the world of Hawkins. If you ever wanted to hang out with your favorite characters, here is your way to! First off, you have to escape from the Hawkins Lab in a 1-hour immersive experience with a brand new Stranger Things plot. Next, you can explore the Mix Tape medley which offers an interactive experience with characters, Stranger Things-inspired food and so much more! Grab some a slice from Surfer Boy pizza, a sundae from Scoops Ahoy, explore Family Video and the Palace Arcade, talk to reporters from the Hawkins Post and so much more! Right now, the Stranger Things Experience is only in London, San Fransisco and New York, and Toronto but you can nominate your city on the website!

What You Should Wear

Now that you’ve got your tickets, it’s time to figure out what to wear. While you could wear anything, one of the most fun parts about these kinds of experiences is dressing up to fit the theme! What would you wear if you were really in the Hawkins world? Or what would you wear if you were a Stranger Things character? Get creative and have so much fun with it!

Dress Up As A Character

If there was one thing that Season 4 did, it brought us some awesome new characters. It doesn’t matter if you dress up as a brand new character like this tee inspired by Eddie, or one of the original characters like Eleven, it is a ton of fun! It’s still summer and not even close to Halloween yet, so any chance to dress up is a chance I’ll take! I’m sure you can also get some amazing pictures of you dressed up as your favorite character inside the experience!

Go All Out ‘80s

Instead of dressing up like one of the characters from the show, it can be just as much dressing up like you’re an extra on the show. Dress up like you’re a typical Hawkins resident in the ‘80s. We’ve all had moments where we want to time travel and check out what it was like in another decade, so here’s your chance. Hey, even ask your parents if they have any old clothes from the ‘80s for you to wear, or go thrifting for some outfits!

Accessories & Props

Beyond just your outfit, the real way to stand out in an immersive experience like this is to go all out with your accessories. Wear some gigantic neon scrunchies, bring a classic ‘80s walkman with headphones, wear Dustin’s baseball cap. There are so many props and accessories that can tie your whole look together and make you fit right into the Hawkins world!

We hope you have so much fun at Stranger Things: The Experience! Figure out what to wear to Stranger Things Experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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