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Cute Cover-Up Options For You To Style Your Perfect Beach, Lake or Pool Day


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Someone has taken a shrink ray to women’s swimsuits. Shopping for inexpensive options for swimwear that’s not too revealing can be so hard. Going through the women’s swimwear section, in general, has never been fun in my experience. That’s why having a cover-up at the beach has always been a comfort to me. What to wear to the beach or the pool can be a lot of fun, we just have to get creative. These seven options of beach cover ups may be perfect for you.

Board Shorts

Honestly, I’m over the feeling of having my whole body on display at the beach. People should be able to choose to undress to their own comfortability, whether they want to wear a bikini or not. I have started wearing board shorts during any swimsuit-required activity where I’ll also be running around — and it’s great!

Cover-up dress

Sometimes the basics work. Being able to throw a dress in your suitcase is easy. Wearing a dress as a cover-up is a simple solution (as long as you don’t end up with the awkward wet boob spotting because you wore the wrong fabric).

Lounge pants

A wide-leg pant with a bikini top is a sure-fire way to have a relaxing day by the water. Plus pockets are such a bonus. I love wearing a pair of over-size linen pants to the beach, especially during “June Gloom.”

Button-up shirt

If you’d rather have something a bit more cozy or want to preserve your arms or stomach a button-up shirt is perfect. I love throwing on my white button-up top over my swimsuit. Even an old flannel shirt is super cute for walking down the beach.

See-through pants

If you’re looking for something appropriate enough to walk through a hotel lobby in while still showing off your body, some crochet pants are perfect.  These are great for a lake day where you can strut your stuff or a boat trip with friends.


A wrap or a sarong can be fun because it doubles as a beach blanket and it’s all-around convenient. I would recommend if you want to feel a bit more fashionable walking down the street in your swimsuit.

Shorts and a t-shirt

Don’t ditch the classics. All of the above options can be fun, but all of us have a pair of shorts and a favorite shirt that will be reliable in the car or on the walk to whatever water destination awaits.

What’s your favorite cover-up tip for your beach, lake or pool day? Let us know your favorite beach cover ups in the comments below!

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