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12 Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Each Zodiac Sign: A Shopping Guide

Best Christmas Gifts For Each Zodiac Sign

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If you have a friend or family member who’s obsessed with all things astrology and loves to introduce themselves with their rising, moon and sun signs at every first encounter, you might want to consider getting a zodiac-themed gift for them this holiday season! Here is a list of the best Christmas gift for each zodiac sign!

There’s nothing people love more than getting presents that are incredibly personalized and meaningful to who they are as a person. And with our zodiac signs being one of the coolest ways to show off our personalities and uniqueness to the world, the characteristics of our zodiacs can be extremely helpful for those who might stress out over the gift-gifting season this year. But with 12 different zodiac signs each with different traits, how do you go about choosing the right gift for that special someone? Well, we got you covered!

Whether your friend is a fiery Leo who thrives off being the main character, or you have a family member whose Taurus energy thrives off luxury, there are countless gift ideas to fit the personality of each zodiac. So without further ado, here’s a shopping guide for 12 of the best Christmas gifts for each zodiac sign.


Ah, a fire sign! People who are Aries are not afraid to be bold and are extremely motivated and passionate individuals. With that being said, all the fire that they keep bottled up inside will always come out no matter if they are happy or angry! So for the Aries person in your life, I would recommend getting this stress-relieving coloring book that isn’t your average kind of coloring book. A coloring book that has intricate designs of all kinds of swear words makes great use of the fiery energy that Aries has.

SHOP NOW – $7.99


Tauruses are well known for being a sign that loves all things beauty and luxury. One of the hardest work signs out of the bunch, their determination is something that needs rewarding. For the Taurus in your life who works tirelessly to complete their goals, a luxurious self-care kit might be the perfect gift for them. This kit from Etsy comes with so many items including bath bombs, incense, crystals for good energy, and even hemp seed oil! And besides, this handmade gift from Etsy is perfect for this kind of Earth sign, and with its integration of self-care and luxury, the Taurus who receives this will be extremely thrilled on Christmas.

SHOP NOW – $34.00+


Geminis are often whimsical and playful, and are considered the “social butterflies” of the zodiac. And since social butterflies are not afraid to entertain parties of people no matter the occasion, consider buying them a drink recipe book! With over 60+ drink recipes to learn from, there will be a drink for everyone– making it easy for a Gemini to live up to its social butterfly reputation.

SHOP NOW – $19.95


Cancers are emotionally charged individuals who aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, which is why this sweater would make the perfect gift. Their highly intuitive and emotional intelligence make Cancers the perfect friend to have around. With a sweater like this, Cancers will be thrilled to have a gift as personal as this!

SHOP NOW – $30.99


Leos are bright, energetic and love being the center of attention. With their astrological ruler being the sun, it makes perfect sense! This holiday season, think of buying a sun necklace for the Leo in your life to let them know that they brighten up your days.

SHOP NOW – $60


Virgos are known for being practical, sensible and for being absolute perfectionists. So when it comes to standards, you best believe that Virgos will have the highest of them all when it comes to gifts. This adorable little succulent candle set on Etsy has five different scents to choose from, so whichever scent you choose for the Virgo in your life will be the best of the best.

SHOP NOW – 26.50


Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet that values love and beauty. With the Libra’s flower being a rose, rose-scented things are essential to the life of a Libra. This Dior perfume from Ulta will do the trick, and with its glowing reviews of smelling like “a bundle of fresh flower petals”, this will make the perfect gift for a Libra.

SHOP NOW – $72


Scorpios are often known for being mysterious and highly secretive– and I think that the mystery factor would fit very nicely for a gift. Leather jackets are incredibly edgy and add to the mysteriousness of a Scorpio, plus they make a great wardrobe essential!

SHOP NOW – $79


or my fellow Sagittariuses (#BestStarSign), we are risk-takers and adventure seekers! We love thrills and any opportunity that gets us going, and for that, we love to travel. A travel journal gift for a Sagittarius will fit their insatiable need for freedom and adventure in their life.

SHOP NOW – $16.95


Capricorns are known for their determination, drive and working hard to make their goals happen, sometimes a nice break from all the chaos and busyness might be needed! This adorable ceramic mug set on Amazon is perfect for Capricorn tea lovers and coffee enthusiasts. Besides with their busy lifestyles, a mug that can be versatile for on-the-go days and relaxing nights will make a great gift.

SHOP NOW – $22.98


Aquariuses are highly creative and independent people. They spend a lot of time thinking and need outlets to help embrace the thoughts in their head, and at least for the Aquariuses in my life, an outlet they use is photography. This little film camera from Target will do the trick and makes a unique way to express their creativity.

SHOP NOW – $34.99


Pisces are known for being the “dreamer” zodiac sign. They tend to have the most vivid and wildest dreams out of all the signs– and what better gift idea than a dream journal? Also with Pisces being a water sign and its association with fish, this dream journal fits the Pisces aesthetic perfectly.

SHOP NOW – $7.99

The Gifts Are Written In The Stars!

With these gift ideas for every zodiac sign, everyone will be thrilled to open their Christmas gifts this year and you will forever be known as the best gift-giver ever! So worry not when it comes to buying gifts for the astrologist in your life this year– with this shopping guide, you’ll have everything you need to have a successful gift-giving season.

What do you think about these Christmas gift ideas for the zodiacs? What is the best Christmas gift for each zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments below!

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