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Get Out Of Your Slump With These Feel-Good Movies Streaming Online

Sometimes, life sucks. Whether life is sucking in insignificant or pretty damn significant ways, escaping your problems with a movie can always help– even if just for a little bit. So, grab your favorite comfort items and head to your best movie-viewing spot. Personally, I take to my couch with my pup and a snack. And don’t worry, we’ve listed out options from multiple of our favorite streaming platforms, so hopefully you can find a feel-good movie to boost your morale that’s easy-access for you! So, let’s get into our options, shall we?


Yes Day

If you’re looking for something that’s high-spirited, funny and not dealing into heavy emotions, try out Yes Day. This movie is all about living each day to its fullest and taking the reigns on life. If you’re in a spot where you might need that little extra bit of motivation, Yes Day is a great movie to watch to feel inspired to take more risks and do what’s fun for you. Also, the charisma of the family the movie focuses on is sure to bring smiles throughout the movie, so it can be a great one to watch when you’re having a bad day. 


There’s nothing that tickles my motivation like a bit of feminine rage. So, if that’s what it takes to bring me out of the slumps, I’ll gladly take it. Not only is this movie adorable and inspiring, it’s also one that can make you feel badass and capable of creating change. It’s really one that can take you out of your problems and feel motivated to turn things around. Also, with a soundtrack comprised of lots of Bikini Kill, there’s really no way you’ll turn off your TV or laptop after watching this movie and still be totally bummed out. 


If you’ve got the code cracked, you know that Dolly Parton, friends and playing a bit of dress up can make pretty much anything better. This movie definitely has that code cracked. I’m obsessed with Dumplin’ and I think you should be too, because it’s full of sweet, relatable, funny and even inspiring moments! Not only is the cast top-tier, but so is the soundtrack– it’s all Dolly Parton, how great is that? Sure, the movie does go through it’s ups and downs but all-in-all it’s one of my go-to’s for feeling better.

Senior Year

Mostly an outlandish comedy, Senior Year is a great pick to get your spirits up when you’re having a hard time. Of course, jokes can help make things feel better, but there is a pretty decent element of that inspiring, feel-good stuff that makes watching certain movies so therapeutic when things are rough. So, if you’re looking for a light-hearted flick, this is definitely a good pick.


Mama Mia!

There are a few movies that just feel like hugs. This is one of them for me. It’s nostalgic, it’s funny, it’s full of love and friendship, it’s the best! Oh, yeah and the assortment of Abba songs are really just the icing on the cake. If you’ve never seen Mama Mia!, first off, how? and second you need to sit down and watch it right now, especially if you’re in need of something feel-good. 

Palm Springs

Who knew a movie about being stuck in a time loop could be so fun? Palm Springs is all about enjoying the days you have and it’s a great watch because of it. This movie is full of laughs and fun, wild scenarios that make it so exciting to engage with especially if you’re feeling down. It’s the kind of movie that helps you realize the scale of problems and enjoy the time you have. Keep this one on your radar for a gloomy day.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

To me, this movie is the pinnacle of the feel good category. Not only is its soundtrack inspiring in itself, it’s full of cinematography that makes you feel like you’re inside the mind of someone breaking into a more adventurous version of themselves, if that makes sense. Everything about this movie, down to its very essence screams feel-good, so if you really want an inspiring put you in a better place kind of movie, this is hands down an amazing pick. 

13 Going on 30

This movie falls in the same comfort category as Mama Mia! and I love it! 13 Going on 30 is lighthearted, fun, fantastical and full of feel-good moments that will leave you feeling better than when you started watching the movie. Again, this one is another must-watch in my book, so if you haven’t already seen it, grab some popcorn and hop on HBO Max now to see it!

So, what are your favorite feel-good movies? Let us know in the comments and enjoy watching these flicks!

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