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Hilarious Ideas For White Elephant Gifts That Will Make Anybody Laugh

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ideas for white elephant gifts

We’re officially into the season of the White Elephant gift exchange. While this silly Christmas tradition is meant to be fun, I’ve often found it stress-inducing to try to find both a funny gift that anyone would want and something that fits within a particular price range. A lot of the time, a little inspiration can go a long way when it comes to figuring out what your contribution to the White Elephant pile will be. So, I’m here to offer some assistance. Here are some great options for a White Elephant contribution from Amazon that everyone will want to steal off other players.

Silly Calendar

Time Calendar GIF by Daniela Sherer - Find & Share on GIPHY

Calendars are always a great idea for Christmas-time gifting! At the end of the current year, people regularly find themselves in need of new planners and calendars. Why not help your White Elephant recipient out with organizing their new year with a new calendar? In order to fit the silly nature of a White Elephant gift exchange, opt for a funnier calendar like this one that shows “Pooping Pooches.” You can even opt for one that would fit the humor of the overall group better as well, if you’re able to, but if not, funny dogs are always a safe bet. Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Tortilla Blanket

Food Cooking GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals - Find & Share on GIPHY

I would steal this gift a million times over if I could. How awesome is this tortilla blanket?! With winter almost among us, there is a nip in the air that can sometimes only be fixed by getting cozy under the blankets. This blanket might also work up your appetite, though, because it shockingly resembles a giant tortilla. So, your White Elephant recipient will become the cozy burrito of their dreams, meanwhile you might just wish you kept the tortilla blanket for yourself. Yes, it’s silly so it definitely fits the White Elephant memo, BUT it’s just cool enough (and reasonably priced) that it’s a pretty awesome option. Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Wine Condom

Wine Sparkling GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Got some wine lovers in your White Elephant gift exchange? This might just be the perfect gift to throw into the pile! Wine condoms are single use, well, condom-shaped wine stoppers. These are a great way to keep your wine fresh after opening a bottle, but it’s also pretty funny and can bring a bit of hilarity to the White Elephant exchange. Because of how useful these are though, all the wine lovers will be fighting to steal this one! Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Dino Taco Holder

Taco Oprah GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Who doesn’t love tacos? There’s a safe bet that this White Elephant gift will surely get broken out on Taco Tuesdays and special occasions alike. Taco holders could be a great gift idea on their own, but to bring in that White Elephant finesse, why not make ‘em shaped like dinosaurs? Honestly, my theory is that the kid in all of us absolutely loves dinosaurs and would FLIP at the sight of these cute dino taco holders. Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Otter Slippers

I Love Otter GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Otter Slippers. Need I say more? No, but I will. These are SO cute and SO soft, so they’re perfect for cozy season and keeping those toes warm. The cute little otters make this silly enough to make them fit the White Elephant theme, but they will honestly probably get more use than most white elephant gifts because they’re cushy, cute, warm, and just overall really fun. Like, can someone really be all that sad while wearing otter slippers on their feet? I don’t think so. I know I would try to steal this in a White Elephant gift exchange, so I think it’s a great gift option. Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Fish Oven Mitts

Happy Youtube GIF by Rosanna Pansino - Find & Share on GIPHY

Continuing on the animal trend, these fish oven mitts are not only cool, but pretty silly as well. They give off the same singing salmon nailed to the wall vibe that to me, fits the theme of a White Elephant as well. This wacky, silly gift will also likely get a lot of use, because while these are silly, oven mitts are a very practical gift to give someone! If a White Elephant recipient wants something they can actually use, there’s a good chance they’ll be pining for these oven mitts. Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Laboratory Shot Glasses

Bill Nye Scientist GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you know your White Elephant group has some fans of science or some fans of drinking, this gift will surely be a hit. A set of laboratory shaped shot glasses are a great way to get the party going, at the precise measurements, of course. But seriously, they’re fun, they’re silly, and they will get used! These shot glasses are perfect for a White Elephant gift exchange and will definitely be an object of desire out of the pile. Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.


Season 7 Episode 25 GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants - Find & Share on GIPHY

Any adult party game is a go-to when it comes to White Elephant gifting, but this game happens to be a favorite of mine. With its misleading spellings, contestants attempt to decipher the coded phrase on the card (often something dirty or otherwise risqué) while simultaneously saying that word or phrase out loud. This is definitely one of those items that will be immediately busted out of its box to be played once the Gift Exchange is over, which helps keep the good times rolling. Also, any fan of games, or anyone who often entertains would love to steal this White Elephant gift for themselves! Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Funny Embroidery Kit

Cats Embroidery GIF by Nino Paulito - Find & Share on GIPHY

Picking up a new skill or trying your hand at some arts and crafts can be so fun! It can be even more fun when you’re embroidering something saucy or foul. This White Elephant gift option is great because it will call the attention of the creative individuals in the exchange while also enticing a laugh out of the group when the spiciness of the embroidery is realized. This shakes things up a little, which is perfect for this kind of gift exchange. Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Funny Puzzle

Angry Season 3 GIF by The Simpsons - Find & Share on GIPHY

Puzzles are fun and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Even further proof of their fun is the funny variety of puzzle pictures you can get. Something totally White Elephant-esque is this spicy Tiger King jigsaw puzzle. It’ll be sure to get the group laughing and both fans as well as puzzle enthusiasts alike will be trying to cop the silly puzzle white elephant gift contribution. Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Which one of these ideas for White Elephant gifts would you contribute? Which would you steal? Let us know in the comments!

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