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Giving Your Girl Jewelry for Christmas? Here’s Some Pieces She’ll Actually Want


When you’re pondering what your girlfriend might want for Christmas, the simple answer always leads you to jewelry. And while that is a fine gift, I have seen some of the most horrendous pieces of jewelry gifted off to some of my friends by their boyfriends and I want to do what I can to make this stop. Jewelry can be a perfect gift, but only if it’s done right. If you’re planning on giving your girl jewelry for Christmas, here are some pieces I think she will actually love.

Clay Earrings

Clay earrings are one of the most popular items right now. There are so many different varieties and they can fit into so many different styles and colors. Oftentimes, they are also handcrafted, so you’re supporting a small business and gifting your girl something unique and beautiful. Personally, I love all of the earrings that come in earth tones, like oranges, creams, and pinks. Though, some clay earrings are shaped to look like something specific, like Christmas cookies or pumpkins. Here are some of my favorite clay earring examples:

Turquoise Rings

Want a statement piece that they’ll wear constantly and cherish forever? Turquoise rings are an easy way to do just that. I’m from the southwest, so my obsession with turquoise rings runs deep within me. They are absolutely gorgeous and they come in so many different shapes and sizes. I have some tiny ones that pair perfectly with other rings, and some big ones that best stand alone. This is also a way to give your girl a rare gemstone without having to get her a diamond or something of that sort. I’d also recommend buying turquoise from Native American shops if you can, so you’re buying it sustainably and supporting Native American jewelry from the source, and not buying recreations or fake stones.

Fun “Hippie” Pieces

Does your girl love bright colors and the “hippie” aesthetic? A lot of the jewelry that is really trendy right now is really fun and mimics a mix of the 70s and early 2000s. This might mean beaded bracelets, mushroom earrings, yin yang or chunky plastic rings and other fun items. Sometimes, these pieces look like something you could get out of a gumball machine but in the best way possible. Here are some hippie jewelry pieces your girlfriend might love:

Wire Jewelry

Another big trend, that fits in with the “hippie” pieces but is a little different, is wire jewelry! Wire pieces usually use copper wire to create rings, earrings and other styles. Oftentimes, they also use stones and crystals. If your girl has a fairy in the woods vibes, and you’ll know exactly what I mean by that, then this style is for her! Wire jewelry is also often handmade and can be found on Etsy and other similar websites! Support small shops and get your girl something super unique that won’t feel mass-produced and overdone.

Y2K Inspired

Just like the “hippie” jewelry, Y2K styles bring it back to the year 2000. Think neons, Powerpuff Girls, smiley faces, ankle bracelets, belly chains, Hello Kitty, butterflies, dice, sparkles, strawberries! All of the cutesy things wrapped into one adorable aesthetic. Anything that would love amazing on a Bratz doll is what I’m talking about here!

Please stop gifting your girlfriend boring and cheesy jewelry! I hope if you’re planning on giving your girl jewelry for Christmas that this article helped! Let us know in the comment section below!

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