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Wanting Some New Ink? Here’s The Scoop On The Freckle Tattoo Trend

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Move over fine-line tattoos, there’s a new trend in town. Freckle tattoos, as well as other forms of cosmetic body art, have been gaining popularity over the last year or so thanks to social media. Face freckle tattoos specifically have been around since 2017, but it seems like more people are talking about them currently, especially when it comes to the different kinds you can get. If you’ve been on the fence about enhancing your appearance with faux freckles, we have the scoop on what you can expect!

What’s the difference between a cosmetic tattoo and a regular tattoo?

In case you were wondering, there is a difference between cosmetic tattooing and classic body art. According to The Dermatography Clinic in London, face freckle tattoos are semi-permanent and can last anywhere from one to three years. In terms of what is used to create the tattoo, pigment takes the place of ink in order to give clients more neutral tones and create the look of natural freckles. You can even build up the freckles over a few sessions to get the desired appearance you want. However, the way the pigment is applied depends on the artist — some opt for using the stick-and-poke method while others use a tattoo machine. Additionally, freckle tattoos and other cosmetic tattoos (micro blading, lip blush, eyeliner, etc.), are usually done by cosmetic tattoo artists who specialize in it.

Does getting freckle tattoos hurt?

Upon doing research, it seems that most artists apply a numbing cream to their client’s faces when preparing to tattoo freckles. Numbing cream helps keep the client comfortable during the process as it numbs the area being tattooed. Double-check with your artist to see if they plan on using a numbing cream during the process or if you have to use your own before going to your appointment.

What is the healing process like?

The healing process for freckle tattoos is similar to that of a regular tattoo. When the tattoo is fresh it will look red and inflamed at first. However, the redness will fade after a few hours. Be sure to follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your tattoo artist during the healing process, this is one of the most important steps. Within 10-14 days your face freckle tattoo should be healed. However, they will fade to be more natural looking over the months following your appointment.

Are there different kinds of freckle tattoos?


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Normally individuals getting face freckle tattoos will opt for ones that are uniform. However, artist Daisy Foxglove from Lovesick Tattoo Studio in Brisbane, Australia, has gone viral on social media for the freckle tattoos she has done on clients. Some of these freckles are traditional, but others are unique and include constellations and different colors. Not every artist does designs like Daisy for freckles, so if you’re looking for freckle tattoos that are more on the creative side I would check with your cosmetic tattoo artist before you book an appointment.

Benefits of freckle tattoos

If you’re on the fence about getting a face freckle tattoo, let’s look at the benefits. Not only are they super cute and on-trend right now, but there are a few others to consider. The first benefit is that they’re semi-permanent so if you end up wanting to look like you did pre-tattoo you can without having to deal with laser removal once they fully fade. Secondly, they can be tattooed on any skin tone since the artist chooses the pigment color that will best match your skin tone. Third, you can achieve the sun-kissed look of your dreams without having to worry about sun damage (wear your sunscreen!) or having to draw on freckles every day as a part of your beauty routine.

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Overall freckle tattoos are just the latest tattoo trend that is taking social media by storm. There are a variety of styles and colors to spice them up if you want to, just work with your artist and do your research beforehand to make sure they are the right artist for you. 

Do you plan on getting or already have a face freckle tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

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