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Looking For New Makeup? Here Are 6 Must Try Products From Halsey’s Brand About-Face

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Calling all beauty gurus! I’m here to tell you all you need to know regarding the beauty brand About-Face. In case you don’t know, the brand is the brainchild of Grammy-nominated singer Halsey and was launched in 2021. Since then the brand has amassed thousands of followers across Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and is now being sold in Ulta Beauty stores across the country and online. Its products range from eyes and lips to face and body and each one is cruelty-free, vegan and clean. I swear by these products — it’s not just because I’ve been a fan of Halsey’s since 2014 — and all my friends can vouch for me. They are some of the best and most long-lasting makeup products I have ever put on my face. So, if you’ve been on the hunt for products that will stay intact after hours of wear, About-Face is for you. With that being said, here are six of the best About-Face products you should add to your cart.


Best About-Face products


One of the first products I tried from About-Face in 2021 was the shadowstick in the shade 2002, which is described on the website as being a pearly cloud blue. The second I put it on I knew I had found a staple product. It is an eyeshadow but in a solid stick form instead of a pressed powder. It is very pigmented so a few swipes of it on your eyelid will do the trick, however, it is also blendable and has a built-in shaper. The product description states that this product stays on for 10+ hours and “provides long-lasting color for waterproof, crease-proof, smudge-proof wear.” I can say that this is 100% true. I’ve gone full days at work or gone to concerts or parties and have had no issues with this product creasing. Not only does the shadowstick make putting on eyeshadow effortless, but it also comes in 16 colors — 7 are matte and 9 have a pearly finish. Since purchasing the shade 2002 when About-Face first debuted I have since bought the shadowstick in the colors Baroque (light pink with a pearl finish) and Actual Ambrosia (taupe with a pearl finish), both of which I use on an almost weekly basis.

Matte Fluid Eye Paint


Another one of my favorite eye products is the Matte Fluid Eye Paint, which was one of Allure’s 2021 Best of Beauty Award winners. It is a liquid eyeshadow that comes in 26 colors ranging from lime green to midnight blue. There is a little something for everyone whether you like bright, bold colors or neutrals. A few weeks ago while on a trip to LA, I bought the shade Dionysus, which is a soft orchid pink, and absolutely fell in love with it. Not only is the eye paint super pigmented and buildable, but it stays put for hours. I put it on at roughly 9 a.m. and wore it to an Easter party that was primarily outside in 80-degree heat. When I got back to my hotel at 11 p.m. it had just begun to crease. It’s safe to say I will be buying more Matte Fluid Eye Paint shades. In addition to the 26 colors, About-Face recently released a collection of mini Matte Fluid Eye Paints in sets of three, which come in both bright and primary colors. They even have Shadow Fix Eye Primer, a liquid eyeshadow primer, for even longer-lasting color from the Matte Fluid Eye Paints.

Fractal Glitter Eye Paint


Similar to the Matte Fluid Eye Paint, About-Face’s Fractal Glitter Eye Paint is a mousse eyeshadow that’s loaded with shimmer. This product is my go-to if I’m trying to make my eye look stand out in the crowd, especially at concerts. Because it’s a mousse-based eyeshadow there isn’t any fallout as there would be with a powder eyeshadow. The built-in applicator makes it easy to apply your desired amount of eyeshadow. Another bonus is that the glitter used in the product isn’t irritating or gritty so you achieve a clean look every time. Like the Matte Fluid Eye Paint, you can expect long-lasting shine with the Fractal Glitter Eye Paint. Each time I wear it out I am surprised by the results and its waterproof and smudge-proof formula.

Paint It Matte Liquid Lipstick / Matte Fix Lip Pencil

If there’s something you should know about me it’s that I’m a lipstick girly through and through. There’s nothing better than putting on your favorite shade of lipstick after getting ready for a night out. For years I went through phases of thinking I had found the perfect lipstick. However, once I tried About-Face’s Paint It Matte Liquid Lipstick paired with their Matte Fix Lip Pencil, I knew I had found the one. I have three shades of Paint it Matte (Not Your Baby, So Long Summer and Monarchy) and each shade’s coinciding Matte Fix lip pencil (Little Little, Paper Romance and False Alarm). Unlike other matte liquid lipsticks, Paint It Matte doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry, it doesn’t start to flake after a few hours and it doesn’t smudge. The formula is lightweight, extremely pigmented and pretty much stays on all night, even after a few drinks.

Light Lock Lip Gloss


This one is for the lip gloss girlies. If you’re on the hunt for a lip gloss that isn’t sticky, gives you plenty of shine and comes in 17 colors then About-Face’s Light Lock Lip Gloss is for you. I recently became a fan of lip gloss again after trying About-Face’s sister brand Af94’s Give ‘Em Lip high-shine lip gloss. After that, I knew it was time to try About-Face’s Light Lock Lip Gloss. I received the shade Double Clutch for Christmas and as soon as I tried it on I knew this was the gloss I had been dying to find. It pairs nicely with the Paint It Matte shade Not Your Baby or by itself. It is extremely glossy and adds just the right amount of color. Each Light Lock Lip Gloss is also infused with peppermint and lavender, as well as coconut oil to soften and protect your lips.

Light Lock Stick


Last, but certainly not least is the Light Lock Stick. Let me begin by saying this highlight goes on like butter and leaves you with the perfect amount of shine. I have it in the color Greek Tragedy, but it also comes in five other shades. It is a cream-based highlight that is also infused with olive oil which, according to the website, is what gives the product its “ultra silky application.” I always make sure to include this in my makeup routine, whether I’m going for a minimal or bold look. It is small enough that you can stick it in your purse for touch-ups on the go, but it is long-wear so you might not have to. It’s nice to not have to worry about the fallout with this product like you would if you were using a powder foundation.

You Should Be Sad GIF by Halsey - Find & Share on GIPHY

Overall, all of the above products from About-Face by Halsey have become staples in my makeup routine. As a Halsey fan, I can proudly say that they have put their heart and soul into creating a brand that not only creates high-quality and long-wear products but also strives to promote diversity within the beauty community. So, next time you’re on the hunt for new makeup be sure to look for these six best About-Face products by stopping by your local Ulta Beauty store or by shopping online. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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