Social Media Users Have A New Favorite Clog: Say Hello To Dr. Martens Slingback Mules

Doc Martens Jorge

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If you’ve kept track of social media trends from December 2022 until now, you may recall everyone’s obsession with Birkenstock’s Boston Clogs. They were selling out online and in-store and were on so many people’s gift lists. Now that spring has rolled around and summer is right around the corner, it’s time to say goodbye to the Birkenstock clogs because there is a new shoe trend in town. Doc Martens Jorge II Slingback Mules are the hottest shoe on the market right now and they are perfect for the warmer months to come. Not only do they follow the internet’s latest obsession with clogs, but they are stylish and come in three different variations. We have the rundown on everything you need to know about Doc Martens Jorge and how you can get your feet in a pair.

How are Doc Martens Slingback Mules different from Birkenstock Clogs?

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably wondering what the main difference is between these two shoe brands when it comes to their clogs. For starters, Birkenstock’s Boston clogs come in two styles: Leather and suede. According to the product page on the brand’s website, these clogs were created to have a ‘“fashion-forward edge.” For the leather clogs, the brand wanted an “elevated look,” whereas with the suede version, they were going for a more “laid-back look.” While both versions of the Birkenstock clog come with an adjustable strap on the top of the shoe, they lack a backstrap. However, Dr. Martens Jorge II Slingback Mules make up for what Birkenstock is lacking. 

There are currently three versions of Doc Martens clogs: The Jorge II Brando Leather Slingback Mules, Jorge II Suede & Leather Slingback Mules and the Jorge Made in England Shearling Slingback Mules. The only difference between the three is the materials they’re made with. The Brando Leather Slingbacks are constructed with Brando leather, which according to the product page is “a full-grain, waxy leather that looks even better with time. Tough and durable, it’ll develop a worn-in, vintage look as it ages.” Additionally, the Suede & Leather Slingbacks combine both silky suede and untreated leather for a unique look. Lastly, the  Shearling Slingback Mules are made with Repello Calf suede and shearling lining to keep feet warm during colder months. Each style of Doc Martens Jorge has the brand’s signature yellow stitch along the sole and, unlike the Birkenstock clogs, they all have an adjustable heel strap and front buckle strap on the top of the shoe. The Suede and Leather Jorge’s come in three different colors: Parchment beige with beige suede, pale olive with olive suede and rust tan with saddle tan suede. The Brando Leather Jorge’s only come in classic black, whereas the Shearling Slingbacks come in both black and brown Repello Calf suede.

The only other difference between these shoes is the price tag. The Birkenstock Boston clogs are surprisingly more expensive coming in at $158. Out of the three Doc Martens Jorge styles, both the Brando Leather and the Suede & Leather Jorge’s are $130. However, the shearlings are most expensive at $230 due to the material the shoe is made out of and the fact that they’re manufactured in England at the brand’s original Wollaston factory.

How to get your feet in a pair of Doc Martens Jorge


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Due to the shoe being a trending topic all over social media lately, they’re pretty much sold out. At the time this article was written, the only sizes available on the Doc Martens website in the Brando Leather were men’s 13 and 14. The Suede & Leather were only available in women’s 11 and 12 & men’s 10-14. Lastly, the Shearlings were only available in women’s 10-12 & men’s 9-13. However, if you’re desperate and don’t want to wait for your size to be restocked, check your local shoe store that sells Dr. Martens to see if they have any in stock or can order them for you in-store.

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Overall, not only are Doc Martens Jorge II Slingback Mules rightfully taking social media by storm, but they are the perfect shoe for summer. While they are a cross between a shoe and a sandal they are easy to slip on and pair well with any outfit thanks to the colors they come in. So, if you didn’t hop on the Birkenstock clog trend last year, be sure to get with this one because these shoes are selling out fast!

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