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Going To A Concert Soon? Here Are 4 Tips For Recovering After A Show

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Now that summer is kicking into gear and concert season is upon us, there’s no better time to learn about post-concert recovery. If you’re a frequent concert-goer then you know how tiring the experience can be. Yes, you’ve had the time of your life seeing your favorite artist live, but it also takes a toll on your body. Whether you were dancing the night away or screaming the songs at the top of your lungs, you’ll feel it the morning after. So, with that being said, here are 4 tips for recovering after a show!


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One of the most important things you can do for yourself the day after a concert or music festival is to rehydrate. If you have that typical sore throat after a concert, the product I recommend is Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea. As a singer, I have used this sweet-tasting tea for years and it works wonders. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps relax the muscles of your throat, which is a bonus for moments like this. Additionally, it is important to rehydrate with water since you most likely didn’t drink a lot of it before or during the concert. Pedialyte is also a good option so you can gain electrolytes back after being out in the sun all day, especially after a music festival.

Stretch those muscles

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If you don’t feel like spending more money after the amount you spent at the show on merch, food and drinks, get some sunshine by going on a walk. Not only will the walk provide you with some Vitamin D, but it will also help your muscles if they’re sore. Doing low-impact exercises the day after a concert is always a good idea so you don’t put any added stress on your body. If the weather is too gloomy for a walk, try finding a guided meditation or yoga session on YouTube. Some of these videos are only 30 minutes in duration, so you won’t take too much time away from whatever plans you have for the day if any.

Soothe your ringing ears

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Do you find that your ears ring post-concert due to not protecting them by wearing earplugs during the show? One of the many ways to get rid of that pesky ringing is to limit your exposure to loud noise the next day. According to an article by ear plug brand Loop, limiting your exposure to loud noise the day after a concert is important because you’ll be able to give your ears a rest after experiencing the high level of decibels the night before. Another tip Loop mentions to soothe your ears after a show is to listen to white noise if the ringing is becoming too distracting.


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The last and most important thing you can do for yourself the day after a concert is to rest. If you just want to stay in for the day, make sure you’re doing something to ease your mind and body like stretching or taking a warm bath or shower. Don’t be afraid to spend the day binge-watching your comfort show or movie after sleeping in. You can even look over your videos from the night before, just remember to have the volume on a lower level if your ears are ringing. However, if you feel like going out, I recommend treating yourself to brunch. You can either pick it up from your favorite spot and head home or go out with whoever you went to the show with so you can debrief about your favorite moments.

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Overall, post-concert recovery is just as important as the pre-show shenanigans. Be kind to yourself because you’re most likely exhausted, have that typical sore throat after a concert or are just wanting to spend the day lounging around the house. That’s OK, you deserve it after having the time of your life! 

Do you have any post-concert recovery tips or rituals? Let us know in the comments below!

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