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Concert Etiquette Is Crucial For Everyone To Have A Good Time

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Concert etiquette has been a hot topic since lockdown ended and artists have started touring again. Should we stand? Should we sit? Should signs be allowed? These items must be addressed so that everyone can have a good time! After all, concerts should always be a safe space for artists and fans to connect through music. 

What Is Concert Etiquette?

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Concert etiquette is how one should act while attending a concert. We are all there to have a good time and enjoy the music, but the way you act should not impede someone else’s ability to have a good time. We need to respect the artists performing, the venue, the workers from the venue and other concertgoers.

The Basics

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First things first, there should be absolutely NO throwing of ANYTHING at concerts. The most recent artist to make the news was Bebe Rexha when a so-called fan threw a phone at her on stage because he thought it would be “funny.” The phone hit her in the face and she ended up with a gash above her eyebrow that needed to be stitched up. This is an extreme case but I’ve even been victimized by props sent out by artists. Once I was at a concert where gigantic beach balls were launched into the crowd. The girl in front of me wasn’t paying attention, she was hit by the ball, and it threw her and her drink into me. I spent the rest of the concert covered in alcohol and also ended up with a bruise the next day. Harry Styles and Drake have encouraged underwear and feather boas to be thrown on stage as well. These items are completely different than a heavy cell phone, but there is always going to be one person who ruins it for everyone else. Let’s all simply agree, no throwing things.

Signs can be cute and fun but at the same time, they can block other people’s view. At the end of the day, we spend our hard-earned money on tickets in order to go. A fun and creative sign can get the performing artist’s attention for a second, but it could block someone’s view for the entire concert. When you weigh those two options, it’s not fair, especially when you are not guaranteed to get the performer’s attention. If you decide to take a sign, make sure it is not enormous and can be held at chest level in front of you.

Along the same lines as blocking someone else’s view, you can dress up however you want to a certain extent. If you decide to wear a super tall “Pharrell” hat it goes from fun to obnoxious really quick. This can also be said about concerts and alcohol. Everyone deserves to have an adult beverage from time to time, but if you get obliterated and end up spilling more of your drink on other people than enjoying it yourself, this is when you need to be stopped.

To Sit Or To Stand?

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It has been a debate for a long time whether one should sit or stand at a concert. Some concerts are held at venues that are standing-room only, this is when the answer is pretty obvious. It wouldn’t be safe for someone to sit there. They could get trampled. When concerts are held at an arena where you have an actual seat, this is when the debate begins. For every concert I have been to like this, most people use the seats during the opening performer’s set or in between acts. It seems to ebb and flow depending on who is in your section and if anyone chooses to be outspoken about it. If you are in a section that has handicapped accessible seating this is when you need to be hyperaware. If your standing could block their view then you need to accommodate accordingly. Most times handicapped seating is positioned at the top of a section so this doesn’t happen, but it is something to be aware of. Since there isn’t a universal rule of when to sit or stand, be prepared by wearing comfortable shoes.

Lastly, if you do see someone sitting at any point during a concert, this does not make them a bad fan! They could be disabled, not feeling well, pregnant, all of the above, or something else entirely could be wrong. Try not to pass judgment because we never know what anyone is going through. If you do think someone is in crisis, please ask them if they are okay and get help if it’s needed. We need to look out for each other! Concerts are huge events and can take a lot out of us, be sure to read our article for tips on how to recover!

What do you think is the correct concert etiquette? Are there any other topics we should discuss? Let us know in the comments below!

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