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Beat The Heat This Summer With These Dog Friendly Activities

what to do with dogs in hot weather

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Now that summer is in full swing, you’re probably faced with an overwhelming variety of options when it comes to filling your time – whether that means by yourself or with your friends. The change in the weather can often bring a sense of pressure that urges you to get out of the house, but for those of us who have dogs, getting out of the house is easier said than done. If you are a dog owner, you’ve almost definitely witnessed the confused look your dog gets when they watch you leave the house without them. It can be tough to find a compromise between the time spent away from home versus with your pets, but it doesn’t always have to be! If you’re wondering what to do with dogs in hot weather, look no further. Here are a few ways for you and your pup to stay cool and spend more time together.

Grab A Sweet Treat

Chances are, you’ve almost definitely been made aware of the Starbucks Puppuccino, but you probably didn’t know how many other fast food restaurants offer dog menus. Take your furry friend to enjoy anything from an In-N-Out Pup Patty to their very own pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. A surprising amount of sit-down restaurants are dog friendly as well, so check online before your next dinner outing!

Take Them To A Ball Game

Are you a big baseball fan? Your dog might be too! While you can always watch a game at home together, why not take a day to enjoy a game in person? The MLB hosts dog-friendly nights throughout the course of the season and provides a schedule of which teams host when. You can also go the extra mile and dress your dog up in their very own team jersey or bandana.

See A Movie

Maybe your dog isn’t into baseball. If that’s the case, there are plenty of drive-in movie theaters that are happy to host dogs. Deck out the trunk of your car with plenty of comfy blankets and pillows (and maybe a dog bed) and enjoy a relaxing night with your pup. Bonus points if you bring them some treats to enjoy during the film.

Head To The Park


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There are plenty of parks to enjoy that make for good hiking, cycling, kayaking and more! If you’re a big adventurer, there’s no better companion to have on the trail than man’s best friend. Lots of parks allow for dogs to be off-leash, allowing for maximum time for them to explore nature. If you’re not the adventurous type, try checking out a local dog park instead. They’re typically pretty close and can provide your dog with the opportunity to socialize and make friends of their own.

Take An At-Home Day

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While a lot of options on this list encourage going out and spending time with your dog, we know how important having a relaxing day at home can be. If you’re looking to spend some at-home time with your dog that still keeps them engaged, try setting up a sprinkler or kiddie pool. This way, you’ll be able to bring all the best parts of a pool day to your own backyard. You could also try making your dog some homemade treats. There’s such a variety of recipes that it’s impossible for your dog not to love at least one!

Have A Photoshoot

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What better way to record all the activities you and your dog will do together this summer? Whether you’re out on the trails or just hanging out at home, having a photoshoot is always a great idea. Feel free to go as crazy as you want with it (costumes, props, anything you want) and enjoy capturing the memories you and your dog are sharing.

We hope this gave you some good ideas about what to do with dogs in hot weather! Let us know in the comments which activity you enjoyed the most!

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