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These Make-At-Home Dog Treats Will Have Your Pup Begging For More

Not to be that person who thinks nothing is good enough for my dog, but it can be really hard to find dog treats that are made well. When walking around the pet store, most bags of treats are filled with chemicals and crazy ingredients I don’t really want to be feeding my sweet little puppy. There are some incredible brands I’ve found online like Happy Tails Barkery, which is one of my absolute favorites, but it’s hard to find anything that quality in a general pet store or stores like Walmart and Target. Because of this, I decided I would take a swing at finding some homemade dog treats recipe ideas.

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats

All this recipe needs is some whole wheat flour, eggs, pumpkin puree and peanut butter! It seems like a super simple recipe to make and honestly sounds delicious! For this recipe, they use these super cute dog treat silicone molds that you can for super cheap on Amazon!

Berry & PB Frozen Pupsicles

Especially when summer rolls around, I think it would be so cute to make my puppy some pupsicles while I sip on a smoothie! I live in Phoenix in the summer and it can get up to 120 degrees outside, so I think this is such a sweet idea (especially for dogs with thick fur!)

Long-Lasting Pup Treats

Do you have a dog who loves chewing and will eat practically anything he finds? Oh, just me? Well, anyway, these long-lasting pup treats are a dream come true. Once again, all you need is whole wheat flour, pumpkin puree, natural peanut butter and eggs! With the same four ingredients, you can make your pup a slightly different type of snack, so they’ll never get bored!

Cucumber Melon Dog Treats

Here is another awesome frozen option for summer! I especially love this one because cucumber and melon are probably ingredients you already have on hand in the summer! You won’t need to go out of your way to buy them, because you’ll be eating them too! While it is pretty dorky, I love being able to make my puppy and I matching smoothies or snacks! It’s just so dang cute!

Apple Carrot Treats

I especially love treat recipes that eliminate waste. To me, making these apple carrot treats can do just that! I always have a giant bag of carrots I don’t know what to do with, so I think this would be a perfect way to use my extra carrots or apples when I’ve had enough! They also sound tasty and healthy and I’m sure my puppy would love them! But, like I said, he’ll eat just about anything.

Sweet Potato Chews

This is my favorite DIY treat on the list! This is so incredibly easy and my puppy is absolutely obsessed with them. I think it’s super cute that I can make myself some sweet potato fries in the air fryer and make him some sweet potato chews all in one batch! You can use a dehydrator for this recipe if you want, but I’ve found that baking them for about 3 hours does the trick! You want them to be super chewy and dry so it takes your puppy forever to finish them! Just make sure to store them in your fridge once you’re done with them!

We hope these homemade dog treats recipe ideas will come in handy for you and your pup! Let us know if you have any other natural recipes you’d like to share! 

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