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A Definitive Guide Of One Word Instagram Captions

one word instagram captions

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s summer editorial intern Jenna Wirtz. Find her on Instagram at @jenna.wirtz. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

Summer is here, meaning more photo dumps and more captions. It is a universal experience to sit before a series of pictures and wonder aloud, or over text with your closest friends, asking what to caption your photos.

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It can be intimidating to try to capture your well-crafted photos in just one word, but that is why I am here to help. I believe that less is more, particularly with social media. One word Instagram captions offer a mysterious and confident assurance to your audience, whether you are an influencer or just want to update family and friends on what is going on in your life.

As a self-proclaimed Instagram caption connoisseur, here are some of my best one word captions to help curb any writer’s block. While you could use each of these captions in a myriad of scenarios, here are a few dozen examples with loose categories to help you navigate them. Feel free to mix and match!


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Whether you are a daily poster, or only come out of the shadows when something interesting happens (like a vacation), vacation posts are a classic social media update. These are probably my favorite captions because they are so versatile. Even if you are not on vacation, they work if you are describing a beautiful place. Whether you are describing another sunset in your hometown, or capturing the waves off the coast of California, these captions are perfect.

  • Escape 
  • Paradise 
  • Therapy 
  • Heaven 
  • Golden 
  • Dreamin’ 
  • Bright 
  • Calm 
  • Peace 
  • Good
  • Tough 
  • Highlights 
  • Radiant 
  • Bronzed 
  • Bliss 
  • Timeless

Ordinary but fun

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These are perfect for a photo dump of your daily life, or a story post. This is probably ordinary content, so you want a simple caption to coincide with what your pics are displaying. Nonetheless, you want to keep it light and fun. Here are a few options that can add some dimension to your otherwise standard pics.

  • Weekending
  • Wknd (weekend for short) 
  • Currently 
  • Again 
  • Always 
  • Details 
  • Simplicity 
  • Essential 
  • Need 
  • Mood 
  • Reminder 
  • Busy 
  • Basics 
  • Love 
  • Usual 
  • Real 
  • Update 
  • Standard 
  • July (any month you are capturing)


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Whether it is a mirror selfie or an iconic full-body shot, you need words to help you describe the beautiful sight that is you. Here are a few ideas. If you get stumped, google ‘positive adjectives’ and you can get another slew of ideas. Affirmation time!

  • Untouchable 
  • Unbothered 
  • Classic 
  • Oops 
  • Happier 
  • Me 
  • Xoxo 
  • Yes
  • Sincerely 
  • Different 
  • Gtg 
  • Whatever 
  • Unfazed

Significant other/loved one

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Time to show off your boo, or somebody else that is super special to you. These are great ideas to share with your boyfriends in particular, since they may be less familiar with this style of caption. I know I will be sending these to my fiancé! 

These would be great whether you are soft-launching for the first time, or if it is the 20th time your partner has been shown off on your feed.

  • Muse 
  • Classic 
  • Obsessed 
  • Butterflies 
  • Unconditional 
  • Ethereal 
  • Headliner 
  • Dreamy 
  • Lover 
  • Fairytale 
  • Mwah 
  • She/He or Her/Him


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I find this to be the most difficult caption to come up with. How can you begin to describe the amazing people in your life in such a casual way? As a words of affirmation girly, I love these ideas and they are perfect for any occasion where you are highlighting a friend. If you are struggling to come up with an idea, I would suggest trying to describe your friend in just 2-3 words, and you will have your answer. 


  • Grateful 
  • Crew 
  • True 
  • Rare 
  • Ily 
  • Angel 
  • Gem 
  • Glowing 
  • Favorite 
  • Blessed 
  • Always 
  • Duh 
  • Dazzling 
  • Thriving
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I hope these one word Instagram captions helped cure any indecision you may have had as to how to describe your social media updates.

What are your favorite one word Instagram captions? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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