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Remember Joey Potter? You Can Capture Her Coastal, Girl Next Door Aesthetic

Joey Potter outfits

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s summer editorial intern Alexandra Speck. Find her on Instagram at @alexandraspeckk. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

If Gilmore Girls is autumn’s quintessential television show, Dawson’s Creek is summer’s. It offers everything we know and love about the late 90s/early 2000s television – witty dialogue, relatable characters and impeccably casual style – set against a gorgeous coastal Massachusetts backdrop. Joey Potter, played by Katie Holmes, is a perfect fit for the New England setting with her colorful, timeless outfits that are effortlessly beachy. Want to try these Joey Potter outfits? Read ahead for the run-down on my summer style icon.

Colors and Coastal Style

Coastal style is trending this summer. The classic blue-and-white “old money” look is making waves on TikTok, often described as the “coastal granddaughter/grandmother” aesthetic.  While I love these outfits, I’m not interested in reducing my entire closet to just blue and white. East Coast fashion should contain pieces that can work year-round, including warm tones that will transition seamlessly into autumn.

Joey Potter shows that colorful pieces can appear “coastal” if the general outfit is kept simple and classic. Uncomplicated outfits are the epitome of breathable, effortless coastal style. She wears solid, natural colors (so, no neon), minimalistic patterns, and limited accessories. Joey’s makeup and hairstyles are similarly muted; a slight lip tint and natural hair color accentuate the casual, effortless effect. Check out our recommendations for natural beauty products here.

Fabrics and Cuts

Joey usually wears traditional, airy fabrics like linen and cotton. These lightweight fabrics are perfect for hot summer days and will keep you feeling cool. Denim, be it in jean or jacket form, is another staple for the Dawson’s Creek icon.

Steer clear of athletic wear. Nylon and spandex are great for the gym, but modern athleisure won’t help you capture Joey’s classic style. I love a comfortable pair of leggings as much as the next girl, but they definitely don’t suggest that I’ve just returned from a day on the New England water.

Joey’s outfits also have distinctive silhouettes. These silhouettes are certainly products of the early 2000s trends, but they’re never overdone or tacky. What does this mean? Her jeans are low-rise but not excessively so. Her shirts are sometimes cropped, but only just. Her tight pieces aren’t skin-tight, and her baggy pieces aren’t huge. The overall effect is one of practicality, not purposeful modesty.

These guidelines can guide your future Joey-inspired shopping, but it’s definitely possible to capture her essence with pieces already in your closet. Bradi from @stylincafe on TikTok recreates a few of Joey’s best looks in the video above.

Where to Shop

Since Joey’s outfits are so varied, you will likely find pieces resembling hers at any of your favorite stores. Your best bets might be stores that were popular in twenty years ago like Gap and Abercrombie & Fitch, which are still stocking affordable, quality staples. Early 2000s fashion is back and thriving, so there are lots of Joey-esque pieces to choose from.

Try hitting up your local thrift store for denim, tanks, and oversized button-downs. Joey Potter wears numerous memorable pieces in Dawson’s Creek, but her daily style is all about the basics. 

Shoe shopping should follow the same protocol. Joey always turns to no-frills footwear that is classy yet practical. Avoid dramatic platforms and bright colors. Shoes like Converse and flat sandals are easy to move in and won’t overpower your simple outfits.

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What are your favorite Joey Potter outfits? Will you try capturing her style this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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