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Coastal Grandmother Is The Chic, Effortless & Elegant New Fashion Trend

coastal grandmother

Have you heard of the coastal grandmother or coastal granddaughter trend? Basically, this trend, starting with the coastal grandmother is all about being chic and comfy at the same time. If you think about what it means to be a coastal grandmother, here are some things that might come to mind: big sunhats, flowy pants, flowers on the counter, walks on the beach, effortless style, and gardening in the yard. Personally, I’m nowhere near any of the coasts but I have to admit that the coastal style is chic and beautiful. It incorporates flowy items, creams, neutrals, blues and oceanic styles. And once coastal grandmother got popular, coastal granddaughter has been an offshoot, hoping to freshen up and bring youth to the elegant style.

Coastal Grandmother

If you’re trying to incorporate some coastal grandmother fashion into your closet, I have some recommendations for you! Think sailor stripes, thick textured blouses, big sun hats, clogs or loafers. Basically, you’re trying to emulate an outfit that a happy, free, coastal living granny would wear. I actually think this is such a cute style and I’ve been seeing it all over the internet. Basically, make sure you are wearing a lot of light-colored neutrals (sand-colored) like creams, tans, and beiges. When it comes to adding in color, blue is usually the color that is mostly incorporated. If you’re into flowy pants and more of a modest look, this version of the trend is for you!

Coastal Granddaughter

For the younger version of this trend, we’ll switch out pants for shorts, mini skirts or dresses. If you haven’t read our nap dress article, head on over there because those are perfect for this style! Basically, this version of the trend just brings a little youth and trendiness to the style! Add some linen shorts, striped button up blouses, crochet crop tops or bralettes, and nap dresses to your closet! Basically, this version of the trend is beachy and chic while still adding in the flare of being young and fun!

Coastal Home Decor

Coastal fashion doesn’t have to stop at your closet. Many people are actually bringing this sense of style into their home decor! Without being too over the top (in my opinion, avoid all shells and beach motifs), you can have a really beautiful coastal home! Incorporate the same color palette (sandy neutrals and light blues) and fun textures to create the perfect coastal home. Add in all the whicker, all of the textures curtains and beddings, fresh flowers on the counter, open windows, fresh air, ocean breeze… okay, I got a little ahead of myself. If you are incorporating this style into your home, I’m curious to know where you live. Personally, for me, I feel like it would make the most sense for this style to be incorporated at a home close to the beach, or even somewhere on the East Coast. Thai aesthetic really screams New England to me, but I’d love to see how others mix it in with southwest or even ’70s decor!

Do you love the coastal grandmother and coastal granddaughter fashion trends? How about the coastal home decor trend? If you incorporate these styles into your life, share them with us so we can get some inspiration! Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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