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The Greta Wilson Hair Routine Is Making (Literal) Waves On TikTok. Is It Worth The Hype?

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Styling curly and wavy hair can be an infinite challenge. Every hair wash day is a gamble: you’re stuck waiting and hoping for a halfway presentable end result. TikTok users have become enraptured with Greta Wilson’s summery blonde waves, which are defined, consistent, and seemingly unaffected by summer humidity. The Greta Wilson hair routine has risen to TikTok fame, with many fans trying her process for themselves. Should you give her routine a shot? Read ahead for an examination of Greta’s process and products.

Greta’s Routine


Replying to @averyspamsz2 👏🏻scrunch 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 crunch👏🏻 + some oil and your gooood #wavyhairroutine #HairTok #wavyhairtutorial #wavyhairproducts #wavyhairtips

♬ original sound – Greta Wilson

Greta seems to stick to the same types of products in her routine, although she appears to regularly try new brands. She applies curl cream to very wet, freshly-washed hair and then scrunches in a mousse. The scrunching action is supposed to define curls and encourage volume all the way to the root. She smoothes gel over the defined waves, locking in moisture and stabilizing the wave pattern. More scrunching  – this time with a microfiber towel – kickstarts the drying process by absorbing excess water. A bit of additional drying with a diffuser is the final step in Greta’s routine.

Greta’s Products


getting all of the profucts for the @Greta Wilson hair technique!! #gretawilsonhair #gretawilson #wavyhairroutine #targethaul

♬ original sound – olivia.volpe

Some of Greta’s products are absolute staples in her routine. She swears by the Kinky Curly Curling Custard, which is a hair gel that promotes definition and reduces frizz. The Ouai Curl Créme is also Greta-approved and a longtime favorite for curly girls. Any hair product – like mousse, gel, and serum – can be replaced with a brand you already have, but check out Greta’s Tiktok if you’re searching for some fresh additions to your routine. 

A microfiber towel and a diffuser are essential to Greta’s locks. Microfiber towels are softer than standard bath towels and will thus damage your hair less during manual drying. Diffusers are hair dryer attachments that distribute airflow evenly across a wider area. They are meant to subtly dry and define curls by “scooping” them (as opposed to blowing them in every direction). Greta uses a Dyson, but there’s no need to buy an entirely new dryer; most regular hair dryers can accept a diffuser attachment, and they’re available on Amazon for under $15.

Should You Try Greta’s Routine?


@Greta Wilson 👏👏❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

♬ angels like you – lyriclychee

Loose waves and tight curls alike seem to respond well to Greta’s forgiving routine. Watch Greta herself try her routine on others on her “Greta’s salon” TikTok playlist. Or, search “Greta Wilson hair routine” to find hundreds of videos of people trying the routine for themselves. Many report that the routine has transformed their “puffy” straight hair into loose, beachy waves.

My Review

I have reasonably curly hair and loved Greta’s routine when I tried it for the first time. I wasn’t accustomed to putting so much product in, but I thought her step of scrunching some product out with the microfiber towel was perfect for ensuring that just enough product made it to the curls. Controlling the amount of product means that every wash day will lead to more consistent results.

However, I found that sleeping on loose hair – as Greta does – still resulted in a frizzy mess in the morning. Greta’s sleeping habit may only work for looser wave types. Those with tighter curls than Greta may prefer sleeping in one of these protective styles and employing a silk pillowcase for its extra frizz-fighting power. 

Will you try the Greta Wilson hair routine? Give us your review in the comments below!

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