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Outfits To Wear To The Barbie Movie That Are Pink, Powerful & Playful

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The long awaited Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling comes out on July 21st and fans are gearing up for the screening of a lifetime. As a part of the press tour Margot Robbie’s stylist has been pulling out all the stops, her Vogue shoot features the work of several luxury designers and every outfit ties back to the iconic role.  Fashion seems to be a very integral part of this film, so the question becomes: what should I wear? In today’s article I will run through your many routes to take as a Barbie fanatic: nostalgia, collaborations and pink! Here are the best outfits to wear to the Barbie movie.

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Barbie References

The first ever Barbie doll was made in 1959, that means we have 64 years of iconic character outfits. Whether it’s a film reference or an outfit from your childhood toy, recreating a barbie outfit will definitely be a safe and fun choice. If you’re going with a best friend you could recreate the iconic Princess and the Pauper looks, or break out the feathers for an Island Princess reference. 

Take a journey back through your favorite Barbie outfits and then try to find modern makes of the same pieces. For example, a blue skirt and pink top worn next to a friend in vise versa will be an apparent reference for those P&P stans. No matter how intricate your reference is, the people at the theater premiere are going to be fans. So don’t get embarrassed to embrace your inner Barbie!

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The Barbie Brand

The next option is to wear something logo centric from one of the many Barbie brand collaborations. The brand of Barbie has and is currently doing many collaborations to promote the Barbie name. I am currently wearing Barbie pink OPI nail polish from their recent collaboration. Finding a sweatshirt or piece with the Barbie name or ponytail silhouette is an easy way to show you’re a fan. These pieces are easy to find on resell websites and don’t go for much. Currently you can check out Pacsun, Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters and many more for active Barbie merch.

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Pink Pink Pink!

Now for my favorite outfit option: pink! Barbie has one signature color, so much so that the set of the upcoming film is rumored to have depleted the world of pink paint. A safe option to give Barbie is to pull up in all pink. Margot has been channeling this, getting off planes, going to press tours and walking red carpets all in one signature color. If you have pink, you have an outfit for the showing.

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No matter what you pull up to the premiere, people are excited to love this movie. Perhaps the most highly anticipated movie since COVID, people are preparing to return to the lost art of the movie theater. Don’t be afraid to go all out, this is coming from a girl who brought a bow and arrow to the Hunger Games premiere. The art of going to the movies has been lost since the pandemic, it’s time to break out the popcorn, purchase the Twizzlers and prepare to laugh alongside fans. It’s time to bring back the movies!

What are you wearing to the premiere? Did you like these ideas of outfits to wear to the Barbie movie? Let us know in the comments!

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