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Carry in Style: 3 Trendy Baggu Products That Are Perfect for Fashion-Forward Folks

baggu crescent bag review

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Back in 2020, I met with a friend and she was wearing the cutest mask with a strawberry print and I asked her where she got it, and she told me, “It’s BAGGU!”. Since then, I have developed a small (but mighty) collection of products from this brand. I am continually impressed with all of the products I have gotten from BAGGU and how they have held up so well with time. As a college student on a budget who also wants to be in style, this is the perfect brand for me.

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I love BAGGU because they elevate and customize unique everyday essentials. I’m a huge believer in loving EVERYTHING you own because life’s too short! Having small things that bring you joy, particularly in contexts that might be stressful like school and work, can help pick you up on a low day.

Whether you are an avid fan of their products and are looking for ways to build your collection, or if you have not stumbled across the brand before, this list is sure to help inspire and inform you!

Crescent bag

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You have probably seen a “BAGGU crescent bag review” or two on TikTok…probably because it’s the best purse I’ve ever used. It fits so much stuff inside of it, which is my favorite part about it, I’ve had so much trouble in the past with being able to hold my book and my journal with me when I go out. That’s why in the past I’d opt for a tote, but this changed me! Now I can always fit everything I need without having to haul another bag along with my purse. I love how simple the design is and how It has a nylon exterior which brings a fun texture to the outfits I wear.

Something else I love about this bag is how it is machine-washable! If you need another BAGGU crescent bag review to push you to buy it, let it be this one! I am literally obsessed with this bag and have not gone anywhere without it since I impulsively bought it last year. I myself have been eye-ing their new hot pink crescent bag…

Laptop case

I remember hesitating to purchase this during my sophomore year because it seemed a little overpriced compared to other cases. However, this laptop case was such a good investment and I’d buy it again and again if anything happened to it. It’s so important to invest in a good quality laptop case, after spending SO much on your laptop in the first place. I used to just toss my computer in my backpack and wouldn’t think much about it getting scratched.

As somebody who also has a clear laptop case on my laptop, this puffy, Velcro case has brought so much peace of mind anytime my laptop has slipped out of my bag. Along with that, it’s so easy to carry just my computer to class if I’m not wanting to bring a bag. I can confidently say I love this case as much as I did the day I got it. My husband and all of my friends at school (no joke, all of them) also have their own BAGGU cases in different patterns and they can all vouch for both its quality and its cuteness.

Reusable Bags

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I see people all over the LA area strutting these bags, whether they contain groceries or school supplies. These bags are cheap and come in a myriad of designs and colors. For the price that they come at, these are great quality and durable. I have held my share of items in my BAGGU reusable bag, and they haven’t budged. They are always coming out with new and fun patterns in this style of bag so even if you get bored of your design, you can freshen it up anytime.

These come in three different sizes, “Baby,” “Standard,” and “Big.” I only have the standard size in a few prints but would love to branch out and try both the smaller and the bigger one. They fold up into a square the size of your palm, and they come with a small pouch with a small keyring as well for easy transportation!

This is my go-to bag for the beach because it stretches and can fit so much in it, while still being so lightweight and cute! 10/10 recommend this for whatever bag needs you may have, and this is the cheapest item on the list!

While BAGGU has dozens of more products I am obsessed with, these were my favorites. What products are you dying to get your hands on from BAGGU? What do you think of our BAGGU crescent bag review?

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