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Zodiac Signs As Aesthetic Styles: Which Trending Style Suits You Best?

zodiac signs as aesthetic styles

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There has been a huge blossoming of fashion aesthetics on social media these days. There are so many diverse aesthetics that play into niche styles and visuals, and it’s a way for anyone to be able to connect with and draw inspiration from a specific style. It’s obviously hard to stick to one aesthetic when they go in and out of style so often, but it can be fun to see how you can style things you might already own in new ways or discover fashion you hadn’t seen before. So, let’s go over the zodiac signs as aesthetic styles!

Aries: Downtown girl aesthetic

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is known to be a leader and courageous. They are always up for a challenge and are always on the go. The downtown girl aesthetic is similar to streetwear but has a more romanticized and comfortable take on it. Even in their on-the-go looks they manage to look stylish and approachable.

Taurus: Quiet luxury aesthetic

Taurus are some of the most stable, responsible and down-to-earth people. They tend to enjoy a more relaxed environment, so clothing like linens, cotton and a neutral palette suit them well. They are also ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, money and beauty. This is reflected in the quiet luxury aesthetic’s sophistication and ability to look put together while still being comfortable.

Gemini: Y2k aesthetic

As the twins of the zodiac, we all know that Geminis can be very multifaceted. The y2k aesthetic not only has comfortability in their tracksuits but also the glitz and glam in bejeweled looks. They are also very outgoing social butterflies, with playful personalities, just like y2ks playful yet casual looks.

Cancer: Coastal cowgirl aesthetic

Cancers are very nurturing, loyal and sentimental. The coastal cowgirl aesthetic takes elements from both traditional Western fashion and beachy clothing. They love to feel at home and cherish being calm and cozy, which is why the coastal cowgirl aesthetics’ loose, flowy and comfortable style is perfect for them.

Leo: Coquette aesthetic

Charisma seems to exude from Leos, as they are one of the most confident and dramatic signs in the zodiac. Coquette is synonymous with female flirtation, so the coquette aesthetic is all about romance, femininity, and charm. Leos are often the center of attention and can attract anyone to them without trying, and coquette fashion is the ability to be girly and classic while also being super flirty.

Virgo: Dark academia aesthetic

Virgos are perfectionists, logical and organized. The dark academic aesthetic is represented by a more polished but still cozy style, with vests, blazers and preppy pieces. Virgos are always focused on the details and like to look put together. They tend to be more wise and analytical which plays into the academic aspect of the aesthetic.

Libra: Balletcore aesthetic

Libras are very good-natured and harmonious, but they also care what others think of them, especially to gain popularity and recognition. Ruled by Venus, Libras tend to be romantic and charming. The balletcore aesthetic includes elements of peace and comfortability with femininity and flirtation. The style can be functional and girly all in one.

Scorpio: Star girl aesthetic

Mysterious, fierce and passionate, Scorpios can sometimes be intense without even trying. They radiate a darker, more sensual energy like the star girl aesthetic. This style is the representation of a cool girl, who can be both alluring and dangerous if they wanted to.

Sagittarius: Fairycore aesthetic

The free-spirited travelers, Sagittarius, are fun and adventurous. The fairycore aesthetic is all about natural and ethereal clothing. Their wandering and creative personality makes them suited for fairycore’s representation of freedom in the flowy, earth-tone pieces.

Capricorn: Corporate baddie aesthetic

If any sign is a workaholic, it’s a Capricorn. They are very ambitious and aim for success, so it makes sense that their everyday style will still be the corporate baddie aesthetic. They suit business wear because they are great at time management and seem to always be working. The corporate baddie is also able to juggle being professional and stylish.

Aquarius: Dopamine aesthetic

An Aquarius is known for being innovative and taking risks and having a unique perspective on life. They are also eccentric and quirky, and don’t try to fit in. The dopamine aesthetic is all about dressing to make yourself feel happiest which releases that dopamine in your brain to make you feel good. This style included wearing bright colors, mixing and matching patterns and truly wearing anything that speaks to them as individuals instead of following trends.

Pisces: Sirencore aesthetic

Pisces are known for being very in tune with their emotions, sensitive and a bit of a hopeless romantic. Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, making them optimistic, spiritual and highly imaginative. The sirencore/mermaidcore aesthetics are also about looking like a mystical creature from the ocean, which fits perfectly with Pisces’ water sign.

What do you think of these zodiac signs as aesthetic styles? Does your style match the aesthetic? Let us know in the comments!

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