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What Is Zepotha? The 80s Horror Movie That Totally Exists, Right?

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All day today, you may have seen people on TikTok talking about the cult classic 80s horror movie Zepotha. Whether they were reminiscing about their childhood nostalgia or comparing people to the main characters, suddenly the Zepotha movie is everywhere. But what is it? And why can’t you find the movie anywhere online? I’ll let you in on a secret… it doesn’t exist. What?Β  Why would the internet be obsessed with a movie that doesn’t even exist? Interesting question. Let’s dive in to this hilarious TikTok phenomenon that has occurred in the past 24 hours.

What is Zepotha?


putting this song forward as the movie’s main theme, i think it has zepotha vibes tbh #80s #nostalgia #horror #horrormovie #80shorror #bit #trickster #moohaha #newmusic #queerartist #spooky #zepotha


Creator @emilyjeffri came up with the idea to pretend the movie “Zepotha” was an 80s horror flick that has been lost with time. Since that TikTok was posted less than 24 hours ago, thousands upon thousands of TikTokers have made this dream come true. As mentioned, everyone began commenting, just about anywhere and everywhere, that people looked like main characters “Maxine,” “Alaine” and others. Users have created entire storylines, having created a cast of characters, have made a ton of aesthetic videos and have turned Zepotha into something real. Even though it started as a joke, the Zepotha movie has turned into an internet sensation and I don’t think it is going to stop anytime soon.

Zepotha Aesthetic

Zepotha is an 80s (1987, exactly) horror film that went straight to video, never seen in theaters that has long been forgotten. Maybe your dad sold your VHS tape at a yard sale, or maybe you saw it once at a friend’s house. Nobody seems to have a physical copy anymore, it’s a lost gem. Or at least that’s the idea.

Why is something like this so popular? Zillennials love talking online about their childhood favorite movies and TV show, especially ones that have seemed to be long forgotten. With a mix of an 80s aesthetic (which shows like Stranger Things are totally bringing back) and massive online horror film love, Zepotha has the power to become an online sensation. According to TikTok, the movie follows characters Alaine, Maxine, Cole, Jacob, Rita and a few others (the cast is every expanding). The plot is a bit unclear but there is totally something about a bridge in there, and maybe some brainwashing? In just a few hours, TikTok users have turned this fake movie into something more, and some users are even joking (and kinda hoping) that one day this gets enough traction that it actually does become a movie. If that doesn’t show to powers of the internet, what does?!

Which Zepotha character is your favorite? Do you wish the Zepotha movie was real? Have you seen this trend online? Let us know down below!

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