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The New Clean Girl Aesthetic For Summer Is Strawberry Makeup

strawberry makeup trend

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I’m sure by now all of us have been seeing the clean girl aesthetic on social media since last year. It includes slicked-back buns or claw clip hairstyles, “no makeup” makeup, effortlessly classy style like an off-duty model and white or pastel minimalistic decor because that’s what photographs the best. There is a new twist to the aesthetic that has been making its rounds on social media lately and that is strawberry makeup. The ultimate clean girl herself, Hailey Bieber, made a video showing everyone how to achieve the look with her own brand of course. This is when “strawberry makeup” took off even though a lot of us have been doing this sort of makeup since the beginning of the year. 2023 has been the year for cream blush and lip tints, but now we have a cute name to use!

What is strawberry makeup?

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Strawberry makeup keeps the makeup natural but focuses heavily on the blush to mimic a sunburn from being outside during the summertime. Like a sunburn, your blush color should be very similar to what your skin would look if it was burned. For most skin tones, that would be a brighter reddish color much like a strawberry and that is where this look gets its name from. Another addition to the original clean girl aesthetic is glowy highlighter and faux freckles. You can use a glowy blush for a two-in-one product or you can add a highlighter on top of your blush. The key here is to make it look undetectable and as natural as possible. The eyes stay super simple with the contour or bronzer ran through the crease and an optional small cat eye with brown eyeshadow. The lips should match the strawberry flush on the cheeks. Most people including myself are using lip tints to create the natural I just had a strawberry popsicle look.

My take on strawberry makeup

I started by priming with the Elf Suntouchable Invisible Sunscreen SPF 35 and the Elf Power Grip Primer + 4% Niacinamide. I then color-correct to counteract my dark under-eye bags with the Elf Camo Color Corrector in the shade Peach. I locked the color corrector in place with the Elf Stay All Night Micro-Fine Setting Mist. Then I fill in my eyebrows with the Elf Instant Lift Brow Pencil. At this point, I know I look like a walking advertisement for Elf Cosmetics, but I’m not. Although if you are from Elf Cosmetics and you’re reading this, please feel free to reach out! Next, I go in with the Covergirl TruBlend Undercover Full Coverage Concealer. I also use a liquid highlight to make me look like I’m lit from within. I used the Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer in the shade Mesmerize. To lock in all of my liquids, I go in with the NYX Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray. Then I bake my under eye with the Elf Halo Glow Setting Powder. I dust away the bake with the Elf Camo Powder Foundation for extra coverage. Next, I bronze my face with the Flower Beauty Heatwave Luminous Bronzer and also run it through my crease. Then I blush and highlight my face with the Elf Bite-Size Face Duo in Watermelon. I make the tiniest baby wing with my Colourpop pallet (I’m sorry it was limited edition, but a deep burgundy brown from any pallet will work). I add my mascara, the Covergirl Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara in the shade Brown. The finishing touch is my ULTA Beauty Collection Weightless Water Lip Stain in the shade Very Berry. I opted out of the faux freckles not because I don’t love them but because I don’t think I can pull them off.

You should give the strawberry makeup trend a try and let us know if you are pro-faux freckles or against them in the comments below!

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