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B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Board): 5 Fun Board Themes To Spice Up Your Next Girl’s Night

bring your own board party

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When planning a girl’s night in, coming up with ideas to keep the vibes fresh can be difficult, and you can only watch so many movies and eat the same bag of chips before things start getting a little bit dull. Fairly recently, girls on social media have been doing a rendition of B.Y.O.B, “bring your own board” nights, where each person brings a different board packed full of various foods that fit their “category.” So instead of getting your standard-issued charcuterie board, we’ve pulled together five delicious board themes to try out with your friends at your next function!

And don’t forget, less is always more, so don’t feel pressured to create a super expensive and complex board! These are just a few tips to help get you inspired to throw your own bring your own board party!

Chips and Dip Board

Chips and dip are always a beloved appetizer, and the combinations that can be made are endless. You want to have a good variety when it comes to each chip flavor you have, and it’s also helpful to think about what dips could potentially go with everything on the board. For chips, tortilla chips are great, along with potato chips, corn chips, and Doritos. Whatever fits your fancy! Dips can include anything from salsa and guacamole to just good old cheese dip.

For arranging your items on the board, we recommend placing bowls with your dips in the center for easy access and then placing your chips in groups and nesting them around and between the dip bowls. Alternating colors is also super fun and can give your board a picture-perfect look (this can also be applied to the rest of these boards as well)!

Wings Board

Now depending on your level of cooking skills, a chicken wing board can be a really unique board to bring to the party. If you’re confident, making your own wings can put a personalized touch on your board and may even be more cost-effective. Depending on your availability, you can buy drumsticks and flats at the store and either air fry, bake, or Insta Pot them. Flavors to try out can be honey chipotle, lemon pepper, classic buffalo, etc. But you can also stop by your favorite wing places and pick up different flavors you and your friends love to add in as well. Be sure to include some dipping sauces and veggies to keep the spice down and spirits up!

Sushi Board


Kani salad, sesame ginger shrimp potstickers, shrimp tempura, edamame, and SUSHIIIIIIIIII #charcuterie #sushiboard #boardnight #kanisalad #potstickers #foodtok

♬ Get Busy – Sean Paul

Like with the wings board, creating a sushi board can take a little more effort if you’re up for the challenge. Making your own sushi can be very fun, and there are so many different recipes and flavors to choose from. But don’t be afraid to buy some premade rolls from your favorite spot! It also may be helpful to have a “bowl board” to avoid any of them rolling off (pun intended) while transporting them. Depending on your budget, you can also include other appetizers like dumplings and spring rolls, as well as just some veggies and soy sauce to create more interest.

Fries Board


Best thing I’ve EVER made!!! Who wants one?? 🍟🍟😍😍 #fries #frenchfries #fryboard #tiktokfoodie #fyp

♬ Freak – XYLØ

What could be more mouth-watering than a fries board? Getting fries from your favorite fast food chains can be a great option, or you can buy frozen bags from the store and cook them yourself! Some different fry options are waffle fries, sweet potato fries, crinkle-cut fries, curly fries, and so on. Feel free to pick your favorites and try mixing them up when possible. Add in your favorite dipping sauces and plenty of salt!

Chocolate and Fruit Board


hands are washed and clean 😝 fruits & chocolate charcuterie board to christmas party w friends

♬ som original – miami bitch

Now, not all your boards have to be savory, and throwing in some sweet treats to cleanse your pallet can be the perfect way to end the night. Chocolate and fruit are a great assortment, and you can get super creative with it! Obviously, chocolate-covered strawberries are a must, but you can add in just about any fruit you want. Bananas, blueberries, cherries, and raspberries also go really well with chocolate. And you don’t just have to include chocolate chips, either. Don’t hesitate to add other sweet treats like brownies and chocolate-covered pretzels as well! Put as much variety as you want on your board to keep it fun and fresh!

What are your thoughts on the “bring your own board” trend? Have you tried any of these themes before at a bring your own board party? Let us know in the comments below!

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