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Is The Carnivore Diet Actually Safe? We Did The Research

is carnivore diet safe

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I’m sure you can think back to your days of elementary and middle school science classes and remember learning about ecosystems, animal kingdoms and the kinds of diets that animals—and humans—rely on. The main kinds being, of course, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Throughout history humans have always been very notable omnivores sustaining themselves on a diet of meat, vegetables and other staples such as bread, for example. 

Despite a centuries long reliance on products like meat, the rejection of it isn’t a new thing as veganism has been around for thousands of years. In addition to veganism, there is also vegetarianism and pescetarianism, with some key differences between the three. Vegetarians do not consume meat, poultry or seafood, but they do consume products made by animals such as dairy and eggs. However, in comparison, vegans do not eat meat, seafood, poultry or products like eggs, dairy or honey. Pescatarians are a bit similar to vegetarians, but with one key difference: they do allow fish and seafood in their diets.

There are a number of reasons why someone may choose to follow any of the aforementioned diets for their lifestyle. Some are against the treatment of animals in the meat industry, while some do it in protest of the industry’s harmful impact on the environment. Others do it for health benefits: either to improve it, to help with their fitness journey or to manage any previously existing medical conditions.

However, recently a new diet has popped up on the Internet that has already grown a pretty large following. This is none other than the Carnivore Diet—an all meat diet that aims to cut out carbs completely and eliminate other food groups such as fruit, vegetables and grains. The diet’s strictness and supposed benefits has been making people wonder if the Carnivore Diet is safe and it’s something they should consider giving a try.

If you’re curious about what a full day of meals would look like for those on the Carnivore Diet, here is an example posted by a couple who participated in it.

The circle of people who follow this diet also happens to intersect with many of those interested in fitness and wellness culture, as some claim the benefits of the diet to be weight loss, higher levels of energy, clear skin and that it “cleanses” the stomach. Some even claim that the Carnivore Diet is how humans are “meant” to eat and that it will help people reach the prime potential for their body. Some of the common meals you will see people on the diet eat include beef, chicken, steak, eggs, butter and even seafood. I have seen people on the carnivore diet often consume whole sticks of butter with their meals as well. There isn’t much variety to it, either, as the diet doesn’t utilize other food groups with the dishes such as vegetables or bread. I hardly ever see seasoning added, and that’s likely because most seasonings are made from plants and herbs, which the diet aims to cut out.

The video down below features another day’s worth of meals on the Carnivore Diet, and you will notice that they even drink a whole cup of bone broth in the morning as part of their day.

So, is the carnivore diet safe for you? Is it actually good for your health? Some of the benefits people report they’ve experienced on this diet may appear great at first glance, but these seem to be only short term benefits and don’t take into account the long term effects. Some of the risks associated with the diet are constipation due to its low levels of fiber, and its ability to worsen conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, digestive issues and cardiovascular diseases as well. It can even increase your risk of heart disease.

While there may be some benefits you can reap from the Carnivore Diet within a couple of weeks to months, it doesn’t seem very sustainable for the human body in the long run. A person on a podcast or TikTok speaking about their diet and what they eat in a day should be taken at face value as different diets work for peoples’ bodies differently. You should consult a doctor or a professional before attempting a diet because the results can vary depending on your unique medical history.

What do you think of this diet and its effectiveness? Do you think the Carnivore Diet is safe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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