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The Grandpa Aesthetic Is Not Over, It’s Time For Grandpa Fall!

vintage grandpa sweate

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Now that the weather is finally beginning to cool down, I’ve been able to start pulling out my sweaters. Over the past few weeks, my love for the grandpa aesthetic has only been growing. It was nice to relax and go with the flow in the uneventful summer, and with the start of school, I’ve been longing for those laid-back vibes again. Though I have my responsibilities at school, I’ve found a few ways to keep up the grandpa lifestyle amidst my busy schedule. The grandpa aesthetic lives on, so keep reading if you want to learn more!

The Grandpa Fall Outfit

Similar to the grandpa summer outfit, the grandpa fall outfit involves button-downs, polos, and relaxed-fit dress pants. What’s been really popular are grandpa sweaters vintage and handmade alike. These sweaters are usually dark and earthy colors in different plaids and patterned stripes. Almost any style of sweater will do, and they’re a nice layer to bring to class or work especially while the air conditioning is still on. Since it’s still fairly warm, cardigans have been my go-to. If it’s just too warm I go back to my sweater vests. Instead of settling for a plain sweatshirt, thrifted oversized crew neck sweaters are a great quirky option to layer with instead. Plaids are also in fashion this season, so patterned shirts and flannels are great for the aesthetic too. Finish off your look with a newsboy hat, some crew socks and loafers, dress shoes or leather boots.

The Grandpa Fall Hobbies

A lot of the grandpa hobbies for fall are similar to the ones for summer, but there are a few more seasonally relevant hobbies! Sudoku is a must. Instead of iced tea, get cozy with some hot tea (here’s a guide with some of my recommendations). I even made myself a cup of tea to get into the mood to write this article. Grandpas really are the original girlies who like to have a fun drink, whether it be hot tea or cocoa in the cold or a nice soda in the summer, especially the ones served in glass bottles. And, similar to the summer, settle down on the couch with a fuzzy blanket for a mid-afternoon nap.

Another hobby is listening to fall related jazz, like Nat King Cole’s version of Autumn Leaves. I’ll give you bonus points if you have it on a record player. There’s something so calming to that style of music. Just imagine it playing in the background while you wate for a batch of cookies to finish baking in the oven. That scene feels right out of a movie! 

Particularly fall related, learning how to can produce is another grandpa hobby. The process is great for getting your friends involved too. There are lots of recipes and tutorials online for canning. If you don’t have a garden, local pick-your-own orchards are a great place to get fresh produce. My family used to can peaches and apples, and once we made pickles! We had canned sliced peaches and jams for months, and it was so delicious. We also made pies with the fruit too. I highly recommend trying it out, but please make sure to be safe and sanitary.

The Grandpa Fall Lifestyle


Learn how to live your best grandpa summmer with us! Link in bio 🙂

♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Single Version – Tears For Fears

If you take this trend as seriously as I do, the grandpa aesthetic becomes a lifestyle. This trend has helped me prioritize self care despite having a busy schedule. I take the time to find quiet, contemplative meditations over tea, and put on relaxing music while I get through long assignments that otherwise leave me feeling stressed. But, of course, I have not forgotten the defining characteristic of living the grandpa life: having a big project that working on is like a reward for my hard work. Currently, my big project is crocheting another sweater in gingham because plaid is coming back in style and I want to have a nice handmade grandpa sweater for the occasion. I’m still in the beginning phase but I’m excited to get it done! For now, I’m going to get back to my test swatches.

What do you think about grandpa fall? Are you on the hunt for a vintage grandpa sweater? Let us know in the comments below!

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