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Want To Know Which Noah Kahan Song You Are? Your Zodiac Sign Will Tell You!

Which Noah Kahan song are you

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No one can deny folk artist Noah Kahan has had an incredible year. After releasing his third studio album Stick Season last October, Kahan has gone on to sell out venues across the US and Europe. The deluxe version of the album, Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever), was released in June of this year, only adding to Kahan’s popularity. Now, Kahan has announced the We’ll All Be Here Forever 2024 Tour, and fans couldn’t be more excited. If you’ve been listening to Noah Kahan all year like I have, you’ve probably wondered which incredible Stick Season song describes you best. Today, we’re here to answer the question of which Noah Kahan song are you by matching each zodiac sign with a song from Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever).

Aries – Northern Attitude

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It’s fitting that the first Stick Season song belongs with the first zodiac sign, Aries. Aries are often described as strong-willed leaders who sometimes may have a bit of an anger problem. Despite Aries being a fire sign and “Northern Attitude” describing Kahan’s cold demeanor, both the zodiac sign and the speaker in the song tend to react emotionally rather than logically. Kahan sings, “If I get too close and I’m not how you hoped / Forgive my northern attitude, oh, I was raised out in the cold.” He is asking the listener to forgive his attitude, as it is something he has a hard time controlling because he feels it comes naturally. The same could be said about Aries and their sometimes rash behavior.

Taurus – New Perspective

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People born under Taurus are known for being sensual, determined and loyal, but that loyalty can sometimes show itself as stubbornness or resistance to change. This makes “New Perspective” the perfect fit for this sign. In this song, Kahan talks about resenting the changes in his town, shown in the chorus: “Ooh, this town’s for the record now / The intersection got a Target / And they’re calling it downtown / You and all of your new perspective now / Wish I could shut it in a closet / And drag you back down.”

Gemini – All My Love

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Geminis are often portrayed as two-faced, but that’s not true. Geminis are youthful, gentle and affectionate, and they often see the world from multiple perspectives. When you think of Stick Season, you don’t necessarily think of happy, affectionate songs, but “All My Love” is an exception. Even though the relationship has ended, Kahan looks back on it positively. The youthfulness is shown in the bridge, in which Kahan writes “Well, I leaned in for a kiss thirty feet from where your parents slept / And I looked so confident, babe, I was scared to death / My hands gripped the wheel, I smiled stupid the whole way home.” This is a great representation of the side of Geminis that isn’t often portrayed in media.

Cancer – Call Your Mom

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“Call Your Mom” is one of the most emotional songs on Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever), so naturally, we’re pairing it with Cancer. Cancers are sensitive, emotional and receptive, which are all character traits represented in this song. In the chorus, Kahan comforts a loved one going through a dark time: “Don’t let this darkness fool you / All lights turned off can be turned on / I’ll drive, I’ll drive all night / I’ll call your mom.” Just like Cancers, here the speaker is empathetic and receptive to his loved one’s pain.

Leo – No Complaints

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Leos are known for their big personalities, confidence and love of attention. However, just because Leos enjoy the spotlight doesn’t mean that they don’t have parts of themselves that they hide away, just like the song “No Complaints.” Here, Kahan writes, “Yes, I’m young and living dreams / In love with being noticed / And afraid of being seen.” Leos may crave attention, but they could also be afraid of letting people get too close and see the darker parts of them.

Virgo – Growing Sideways

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Virgos are practical, hardworking and analytical, and “Growing Sideways” feels like putting in all the hard work only to go nowhere. Kahan opens the song by saying “So I took my medication, and I poured my trauma out,” implying that he’s trying to help himself by taking his medicine and seeing a therapist, but things still don’t seem to be helping. In the chorus, he sings “Oh, if my engine works perfect on empty / I guess I’ll drive.” Virgos may work hard, but sometimes they push themselves too far and end up running on empty.

Libra – Dial Drunk

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Libras are often depicted as charming, social and diplomatic. In the case of the song “Dial Drunk,” however, Kahan shows us that charm and charisma can have a darker side. In the second verse, he sings “From charmin’ to alarmin’ in seconds,” and in the chorus, he says “Even the cops thought you were wrong for hanging up,” implying that the speaker has charmed them into believing his side of the story, despite listeners concluding that he is actually the bad guy in the story. Don’t worry, though, Libras. We’re not implying you’re villains, here. Just remember to use your charm for good!

Scorpio – Everywhere, Everything

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Described as intense, passionate and cunning, there’s no better Noah Kahan song for Scorpios than “Everywhere, Everything.” After all, what’s more intense and passionate than the lines “Everywhere, everything, I wanna love you / ‘Til we’re food for the worms to eat / ‘Til our fingers decompose, keep my hand in yours”? Scorpios are sometimes thought of as cold-hearted, but they actually feel emotions very deeply, making this the perfect song for them.

Sagittarius – You’re Gonna Go Far

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Sagittariuses are described as adventurous, spontaneous and optimistic. What better song to describe them than “You’re Gonna Go Far”? Kahan sings “So pack up your car, put a hand on your heart / Say whatever you feel, be wherever you are / We ain’t angry at you, love / You’re the greatest thing we’ve lost,” stating that it’s okay to go explore the world and follow your dreams because your loved ones are in your corner, hoping you’ll succeed. This is the perfect advice for curious Sagittariuses.

Capricorn – Homesick

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Known for their ambition, Capricorns are hard workers who want to get ahead in life and will stop at nothing to do so. However, they’re also realistic to the point of being pessimistic and can often focus on the negative. This makes “Homesick” a perfect fit for them. In the opening verse, Kahan describes his hometown as “such great motivation / For anyone trying to move / The fuck away from hibernation,” and in the chorus, says, “I got dreams, but I can’t make myself believe them / Spend the rest of my life with what could’ve been.” Even though Kahan desires a different life, he gets bogged down by negative thoughts. It makes sense – he is a Capricorn, himself, after all.

Aquarius – Paul Revere

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Aquariuses are intellectual, independent and contemplative. With their desire to be unique, an Aquarius may dream about a life bigger and better than the one they’re currently living. In the chorus of “Paul Revere,” Kahan sings “One day, I’m gonna cut it clear / Ride like Paul Revere / And when they ask me who I am / I’ll say “I’m not from around here.” Here, Kahan dreams of starting a new life while resenting the fact that it may never happen, something many Aquariuses may relate to.

Pisces – Halloween

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Imaginative, intuitive and emotional, Pisces are often spiritual and prone to fantasy. These traits make the imagery in “Halloween” perfect for them. Kahan uses a lot of metaphors and symbolism in this song, including the chorus: “It’s not Halloween, but the ghost you dressed up as / Sure knows how to haunt, yes it knows how to haunt.” This can also be seen in the second verse with “I’m hearing your voice in a strange foreign language / If only I learned how to speak.” The use of metaphors makes “Halloween” a great match for the creative Pisces.

Which Noah Kahan song are you? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments!

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