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What Monster Am I From “Monster High” Based On My Zodiac Sign?

what monster am i from monster high

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My first introduction into the more spooky and haunted side of things as a child was none other than Monster High. The franchise was a doll line that also had a web series to create intertwined stories between each character. The doll line began its release in the 2010s by Mattel.

The dolls were unlike anything of the time or that had ever been released. Barbie has been one of the most popular doll lines for decades, and in the 2000s Bratz was another fan favorite. Monster High, however, pushed boundaries with their concept of teenage monsters in high school who are the children of the world’s most famous monsters. Each character was dynamic in their own way with their own unique stories and fashion sense. Fashion was one of the main appeals of Monster High as the use of Gothic fashion and elements within the toy line are what made them stand out so much in comparison to other toys on the market.

The series remains an iconic staple within the childhoods of many, and in honor of Halloween and this unforgettable childhood classic, we’re assigning you a Monster High character based on your zodiac sign. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even get one of your favorites.

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Aries – Operetta

For our Aries readers, your Monster High character is none other than Operetta. Known as the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera with an unforgettable rockabilly style, she is honest, intense and passionate about the thing she loves most: music. She takes no nonsense and will get straight to the point, especially if it involves her music. Aries are like that as they like to get straight to the issue when tackling any problem and care greatly about their passions.

Taurus – Clawdeen Wolf

The reason we have assigned Clawdeen Wolf for Taurus is because of her killer style. The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus governs things like fashion, art and aesthetics. Clawdeen is widely known for her fashion sense and even aspires to be a fashion designer one day. This makes her a fitting choice for Taurus as this sign is well known for their fashion sense and expensive taste.

Gemini – Robecca Steam

What people don’t realize is just how creative and unbound Gemini’s can be. Robecca is the robot daughter of a mad scientist, so she was quite literally created in the name of creativity and curiosity itself. The curious nature of her creation can be greatly reflected in Robecca’s own fashion as she is very creative herself and rocks a steampunk aesthetic. Gemini’s have an inherently curious thirst for knowledge, and Robecca herself represents that search for it.

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Cancer – Draculaura

One of the most beloved characters of Monster High, Draculaura encapsulates the sweet, sensitive and caring natures of Cancer’s. Draculaura is a sweetheart to boot who’s intensely romantic at heart. Family is one of the most important things to a Cancer, and when it comes to the people they care about, you will see exactly how much they are willing to do. Draculaura cares greatly for her friends and has one of the sweetest personalities ever. She represents the charming nature of Cancer’s at their best alongside their kindness to anyone they meet.

Leo – Cleo de Nile

Often known for their propensity to exist in the limelight, Leo’s command attention no matter where they go. That’s to be expected, though, when your sign is ruled by the Sun itself. Cleo is an ancient mummy and Egyptian royalty, and because of this she has a larger than life personality. While Cleo is mainly known for her Queen Bee attitude, many don’t realize exactly how loyal and protective she is over her friends, especially Ghoulia. Leo’s care greatly for the people closest to them, and that fierce protectiveness is something Cleo can relate to considerably.

Virgo – Ghoulia Yelps

Known as one of the smartest ghouls of Monster High, Ghoulia embodies the hardworking and determined nature of Virgo. However, I think Virgo’s are often too pigeon-holed within their capabilities and productivity when they are much more than that. Ghoulia may be incredibly smart, but there is so much more to her than that. She has a great sense of humor, she’s an avid comic book reader and she even owns a moped. She shows the multi-sided nature of Virgo you will find if you look beyond their surface and shows that they are more than their work.

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Libra – Frankie Stein

Frankie is one of the most sociable and well-known characters of the franchise, which is fitting for a sign like Libra. Libra’s are some of the biggest social butterflies I have ever met, and they’re not afraid to meet new people or try new things. This describes Frankie Stein perfectly as she was never once afraid to socialize and find adventure while in a new school. She tackled everything head on without fear and made amazing friends along the way and learned a lot through each connection she made. This makes sense for a sign like Libra because it often represents things like community, connection and relationships.

Scorpio – Elissabat

Known as the reigning Queen of the Vampires with such a recognizable aesthetic, Elissabat perfectly summarizes the Scorpio fascination with dark aesthetics. From her purple hair to her fashion reminiscent of the Victorian-era, Elissabat pulls off a Gothic aesthetic with ease. She also represents the vampiric aesthetic that many Scorpio’s may love due to their obsession with the occult. To look into this further, Scorpio was traditionally ruled by the planet Pluto, but in modern times Scorpio is said to be ruled by Mars. However, regardless of which interpretation you subscribe to, part of Elissabat’s story is her standing up for herself and reclaiming her power. Because of this her character arc perfectly follows the themes of both Mars and Pluto. Scorpio’s know very well the role of transformation and change within their lives.

Sagittarius – Venus McFlytrap

The reason why Venus was chosen for Sagittarius is due to her rebellious attitude and her dedication to the causes she cares about. Venus describes herself as an eco-punk and fights passionately for environmental causes—something a Sagittarius would do. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is a passionate sign who fights to maintain their freedom and for the causes they believe in. Venus isn’t afraid to do any of this, and this outspoken nature is something many Sagittarius’ are familiar with in themselves.

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Capricorn – Rochelle Goyl

As a gargoyle from Scaris, Rochelle has such an interesting character design inspired by cathedral architecture. She is a bit shy at first and takes her time to open up to others, much like the personality of a Capricorn at first glance. Capricorn’s are very selective about who they let see their inner self, but once they open up to you you’ll see their full range of character. Rochelle loves her friends deeply, and in her spare time she studies architecture. Most of the Capricorn’s I’ve met have always had at least one niche interest, or maybe even many, that they love to study extensively and talk about if you ask. Don’t let the shy and quiet nature of a Capricorn when you first meet them fool you—there is so much more to them than meets the eye.

Aquarius – Abbey Bominable

What I love the most about Aquarius is how honest and unrestricted they are. They speak their minds and express themselves exactly how they wish to regardless of what people think. Abbey embodies these qualities perfectly as she is not one to mince with her words and will tell people exactly what she thinks. She is immensely confident and is never afraid to get straight to the point. She may seem intimidating at first, but like many Aquarius’ she’s very sweet once you get to know her.

Pisces – Lagoona

Lagoona hails from the Great Scarrier Reef and is known as a sea-water monster, and because of her relation to the water and the sea, this makes her a perfect candidate for Pisces. The attitude and manner of a Pisces is unapologetically water-like in nature for both their sweet personalities and imagination. Pisces’ are not just represented by Lagoona because of the fact that she’s a sea-monster, but also because of just how kind and friendly she is to everyone around her. Pisces are willing to give everyone a chance, and because of this they are very sociable and open to meeting new people always. It’s one of their most admirable traits.

Do you agree with any of our picks for each zodiac sign? Let us know which Monster High ghoul is your favorite!

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