Author: Olivia Charlson

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Our Fashion Guide For Surviving A Rainy Day When They’re New To You

Hey! I think I just caught you looking up “what to wear in the rain.” It seems obvious to some people — don’t worry though. I’ve been there too. I grew up with 100-degree summers and a “dry heat” where the only water we were getting was a 40-minute drive to the lake or a jump in the pool (which felt like bathwater by the time you got to it). So, after moving to a place where it rained consistently, I felt like I was left out in the cold…

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6 Dos And Don’ts For The Best Vacation Strategies With Your Parents And A Partner

A family vacation is a time for relaxation — sort of. Doing the same activities you did with your parents is slightly different when it’s you and your adult siblings. So imagine how much you can figuratively (and on some vacations, literally) rock the boat when you bring your partner along. It’s funny because your early 20s are a time for freedom, exploration and an escape from feeling stuck in your ways…

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Is The “Money Will Come Back” Trend On TikTok Positive Thinking Or A Bit Tone Deaf?

I love seeing travel advice and inspiration on my Instagram and TikTok pages. It feels good to see the different ways to explore the world. However, a new TikTok trend has left me feeling a bit uncertain about seeing so many travel videos. I’m talking about the summer TikTok videos where people are showing off their vacations or other purchases with the caption “the money will come back”…

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