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You Need To Add These Awesome Upcoming Female Musicians To Your Playlist

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Women have been absolutely dominating the music industry lately and I’m all here for it. On top of the charts, playing on the radio and taking over all of the records, girls are changing the music game. But, I’d love to give certain upcoming female artists some love because these ladies are killing the game and deserve recognition for it. On top of that, I see a great uprise in their future, so keep your ears out for more music from the girls on this awesome up-incoming female musician list.


This artist has a rich, raw, raspy and insanely strong voice. Her vocals are a perfect fit for the rock she typically sings. I especially love her single “Jean.” Aside from this, Cassyette has the vibe and aesthetic that screams rockstar. I’m excited to see where her music career goes from here.


This artist has been popping up on my TikTok FYP SO much and has been for ages. Her covers and crossovers are the coolest, and she often does impressions of other singers that are SPOT ON. Her original music has a dreamy but fun indie vibe and it’s awesome. My favorite song of hers is “Little Girl.”

Sidney Gish

Sidney Gish has the quirky songwriting and the kind of creative elements to her music that are incredibly fun. While this artist hasn’t come out with music all that recently, I’d still consider her up/incoming because she’s a great fit for our generation and my spidey senses are tingling, saying there might be some new music on the way.

Rachael Jenkins

This artist has a dreamy indie folk vibe, which pairs so sweetly with her pretty voice and the sad tones in much of her music. I think her music is perfect to listen to while going on a somber walk or while doing some self-care activities. Her songs are like fuzzy socks and blankets for your ears.

Maisie Peters

With the release of her debut album “You Signed Up For This,” Maisie Peters has suddenly been taking over. Her music ranges from very poppy upbeat songs to softer and indie-er tracks. She’s also another TikTok musician and has a huge following of fans who swipe through her covers, original songs and funny videos about her “girls house” apartment. Masie is funny, related and she just got signed to Ed Sheeran’s new record label. You’ll definitely want to check her out before she’s soaring over all of the other popular musicians.

Holly Humberstone

Holly Humberstone won my heart with the release of her 2020 EP “Falling Asleep At The Wheel.” Her music reminds me of something you would hear in the best coming of age movie. Sometimes soft, her songs are filled with bursts of emotion that can be related back to any of your best relationships, friendships or situationships. Her style is soft and unique, and unlike many of the artists I’ve heard. 

Gracie Abrams

This is music to cry to. Gracie Abrams has such a soft, melancholic sound that will get your reminiscing almost instantly. Her EP “Minor” has some of my favorite tracks, like “Friend” and I miss you, I’m sorry.” If you’re missing someone, this is the EP to blast while you wallow in the bathtub. I promise, it’ll be a good time. 

Who is your favorite female musician? Which of these up/incoming female artists will you keep up with? Let us know if there’s any we’ve missed so we can write another one of these in the future in the comment section below!

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