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Inside a Granola Girl’s Closet and Earth Style Inspiration

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There’s a new type of girl in town. The granola girl. Who is she? Well, she’s the girl hiking with her puppy, hammocking in the trees, checking National Parks off her list, listening to The Lumineers and camping in the woods. I personally got called a granola girl by my little sister (who’s 13) and did some soul searching. Turns out, she’s pretty right. Remember “VSCO girl?” Well, I think the granola girl is her older sister who take the environment even more seriously. The big thing about being a granola girl is loving the environment and nature – but taking care of it too. This “lifestyle” can be done through changing your habits, like recycling, using mulit use items, limiting your food waste, picking up trash while hiking, etc. But, I’ve also noticed that granola girls have a certain type of fashion or a uniform so to say, so I’ve researched what that may be. Here are some granola girl outfit ideas for the girls looking to get into their element.

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One of the most popular granola girl fits is a pair of overalls, layered with a T-Shirt, sweater or sweatshirt underneath. Whether they are a long pair, a shorts pair, an overall dress, or a colored corduroy pair, overalls are super cute. Pair with a striped T-Shirt, a plain sweatshirt, or a chunky sweater. Overalls are also really easy to wear while you’re in nature because they are usually shorts or pants. Jean material doesn’t get dirty often, and if you buy a good brand, they’ll probably last for years. Jeans and jean overalls are an item of clothing that is really sustainable because it can last in your closet forever.

Mountain Motif

What’s better than being in the mountains? Wearing the mountains. Anything with mountains, earth tone colors, and national park mentions will fit in perfectly with your newly found granola girl style. Here’s a T-shirt, socks, necklace and ring to get you started. Many of the “granola girls” I’ve seen on social media take it upon themselves to visit a ton of different National Parks. But don’t forget to “leave no trace” and respect the environment, or your style won’t matter at all.

The Shoes

Granola girls are known for their hiking sandals, Birkenstocks, and hiking boots. If you’re not a fan of socks and sandals, you might want to reconsider your new lifestyle. Start your sandal collection with these classic birk-styled sandals, hiking sandals, and hiking boots.Any shoes you can hike in will help with your new granola girl lifestyle. I personally love hiking in sandals, which is a little crazy but totally fits in with this style.

Eco-Friendly Accessories

Being a granola girl is all about saving and respecting the environment. You can’t be a true granola girl without some eco-friendly accessories like a reusable water bottle, reusable straws and a farmers market bag. Get yourself an iconic hydro flask and cover it in stickers, grab an organic mesh shopping bag, and get a zero waste cutlery set. While it may be fun to dress like a granola girl, it is way more important to follow the rules of the game. Be sustainable when you can, pick up some trash, recycle, reuse things when you can.

Have you been wanting to become one of the granola girls? We hope this outfit guide helps. Save the turtles!

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