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5 Staple Jackets Everyone Needs In Their Wardrobe This Winter Season

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winter jackets for girls and guys

Winter is rolling around and the temperatures are dropping quickly. I know for me, when winter comes around, I feel like I am unable to dress cutely or to show off my personal style because it is just so cold. Usually, I throw on a hoodie or a sweatshirt and brave the weather outside. I feel like my personal style has a ton of skirts and dresses, so when it is time to dress warm, I don’t know what to do. Because of this, I’ve pulled together 5 types of winter jackets for girls and guys should have in their closet.

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Jean Jacket

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While this style of jacket is not the warmest option, it is perfect for layering. You can add a hoodie or sweatshirt underneath, or add a bulkier winter coat on top. Jean jackets also come in so many different styles and colors, whether they are cropped, light denim, acid washed or black denim. Jean jackets also work really for a ton of different styles, whether you like more of a streetwear type of look or if you are a little girly or preppy. Jean jackets also last a very long time, so you’re adding a sustainable piece into your wardrobe.

Leather Jacket

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You don’t have to be super edgy to pull off a leather jacket. Leather jackets bring a touch of badass to any outfit, whether it’s pair with jeans or a dress and tights. Something I love about leather jackets is all of the pockets and how they also come in a bunch of different colors. If black is your go-to, this will be easy, but leather jackets also come in fun pops of color like pink, blue and red. This is also another jacket that is easy to layer with, and can bring a little fun to any outfit you are planning.

Puffer Jacket

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Whether you live somewhere where it snows a lot, or somewhere where it just gets cold, a puffer jacket is necessary for winter. Puffers are the perfect last layer to keep you safe and warm and don’t always have to make you look like a giant marmallow. Puffers can add a really fun wintery vibe to any outfit and if they are too hot, you can go for a puffer vest instead. Puffers jackets usually come in so many different colors, so having a few different ones might make this style of jacket really versatile for your style.

Corduroy Jacket

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Corduroy is sooooooo in. This type of jacket is one of the biggest styles for our generation at the moment. I’m obsessed with corduroy because brings such a fun texture to any outfit, plus they usually come in the best fall colors. Whether it’s burgundy, rust orange, forest green or tan, corduroy jackets bring along the fall fashion colors and texture. They can be layered and they can be paired with just about anything and it’s super in and on trend. You’ll look super awesome in one of these.

Flannel Jacket

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Channel your inner Taylor Swift with one of these flannel jackets. Flannel jackets are perfect, as long as they are thick, because they are super comfortable and warm. Flannel is also the perfect pattern for the transition from fall to winter. Get one that has fleece on the inside, a long trench coat length one, a shacket, or a sherpa flannel jacket. Nothing like dressing like a lumberjack to scream fall is here and winter is coming!

What are your favorite jacket styles? Will you be trying out any of these winter jackets for girls and guys? Let us know in thr comment section below!

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